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Sunday, February 26, 2012

How Felix Manalo died in April 12, 1963 Year of the Lord

Judas Iscariot who betrayed the LORD JESUS with a kiss.
Before that, do you know how JUDAS SCARIOT who betrayed the Lord died?

According to Acts 1:18, Judas died, his body burst, all his intestines spilled out.

He bought a parcel of land with the wages of his iniquity, and falling headlong, he burst open in the middle, and all his insides spilled out...

Now, here is how FELIX MANALO, the INCorporated 1914 All Rights Reserve church's founder died, taken from their official magazine called PASUGO May-June Issue by Isabelo T. Crisostomo (Thanks to Pasugo 1914 Blog)

It was only after many years later, in February 1963, that Manalo fell gravely ill. He was rushed to St. Luke’s hospital in Quezon City where doctors decided to remove immediately "an intestinal obstruction". Manalo rejected the surgery, saying, "Doctors can cure only those who are not yet to die, not those whose time has come." By March 21, 1963, his incapacitation was total and he was transferred to Veterans Memorial Hospital. Doctors operated on him but failed to give him relief from pain. On April 2, the doctors worked on Manalo again to sew back part of his intestines which had burst and hemorrhaged. On April 11, they performed a third surgery on him. It proved to be the last.


Here's what happened to King Jehoram, the wicked King during the time of the Prophet Elijah from 2 Chronicles 21:15-19:

You shall have severe pains from a disease in your bowels, which will fall out because of the disease, day after day.”

Then the LORD stirred up against Jehoram the animosity of the Philistines and of the Arabians who were neighbors of the Ethiopians. They came up against Judah, breached it, and carried away all the wealth found in the king’s house, along with his sons and his wives. He was left with only one son, Jehoahaz, his youngest.

After these events, the LORD afflicted him with a disease of the bowels for which there was no cure. Some time later, after a period of two years had elapsed, his bowels fell out because of the disease and he died in great pain. His people did not make a fire for him as they had for his ancestors...


Figure it out why God allowed Felix Manalo's intestines to BURST OUT!

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