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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Crumbling House of Lords in the Iglesia Ni Cristo®

Mr. Antonio Ebangelio's continuous exposé on Iglesia Ni Cristo® Administration.

Assault on Eduardo V. Manalo's family...

If you know anyone working at the Receiving office of Central, you may ask them about the things I mentioned in this message. A few moths ago, brothers Angel and Mark went to Central. They were mobbed by employees, Ministers and Workers who were very happy to see them. They shook their hand, talked to them and asked how Ka Tenny was doing. Do you know that everyone who shook their hand and greeted them were summoned to the office of the HRD and were talked to by brother Rene Panuncillo who strictly prohibited them to shake the hand or talk to the brothers because they will be monitored by CCTV, and they were asked to write a statement that they will not do it again. Many of them cried when they found out that shaking the hands or greeting Ka Erdy’s children are prohibited and anyone who will do these will be disciplined, stripped of financial help, fired, or expelled as we see happening nowadays. Inquire about the recent expulsions, most if not all were related to having fellowship with Ka Erdy’s family. Ministers who were monitored on CCTV were interrogated and warned. Many of them were sent to far districts as a form of punishment. Is this how it’s going to be in the Church? Is the love of brotherhood only applicable to lay members of the Church and not to the family of Ka Erdy? And those who will show love to them are harassed and punished? Many officers at the receiving office of Central are witnesses to the many unusual changes in the Church nowadays but are very afraid to speak up or ask questions. They can only cry in silence about the disrespect and disdain they are witnessing toward the family of Ka Erdy.
You may be wondering why I am bringing up these issues here on fb when this is not our usual way of correcting what is wrong. That we should all just pray and follow the protocol in fixing whatever misunderstanding there is in the Church. My answer to you is this- Allow me clarify that the owner of this account who started this thread, sister Lottie Hemedez has been silent for so very long. Not once did she speak nor complain in their holy aim to preserve the reputation of the Church and the Administration. Although they have been oppressed for more than five years, they did not ask for any kind of help…EXCEPT NOW. They endured everything, and went through the process. They presented the problem to those concerned in an effort to resolve it. But how was a resolution possible when the people you consult with and ask for help are the same people that oppress you? You may say that it is impossible for the Administration not to offer them provision and simply neglect them. Their very own brother could not defend or assist them…?
How could Ka Eduardo help them when he hasn’t spoken to them for more than five years? How will Ka Eduardo speak to them if he has been angry at them because of false reports that he received from the primary Ministers he entrusted to care for them? How will Ka Eduardo not be angry with them when all he receives from the council is news that ruin their reputation? Why would they do this? Simply because the Ministers in the Council fear that Ka Eduardo V. Manalo would trust his brothers in different aspects of the church, and it would threaten their positions of power. And so to protect their personal interest, they so chose to destroy the family so that bro. Eduardo would ignore them completely while they remain in their powerful posts and continue in their indulgent ways.
Others are thinking, they are brothers and sisters in the flesh, why aren’t the siblings directly talking to Ka Eduardo and tell him everything that was done to them? That would have been nice if it was that easy, and if the situation they were in was that simple. How could they talk to Ka Eduardo when all means of communication between them and their beloved brother were cut off? They couldn’t call him directly and when they call through the Central Telephone Operator, the operators are prohibited to connect any calls directly to the Executive Minister. A wall as tall as the roof of their home was even built to make them feel like prisoners in their own compound. All the guards were changed so that they may not be permitted to enter the compound of Bro. Eduardo. They are slowly deprived of electricity and water and driven away from their home inside the Central compound. All letters and mail addressed to the family are Intercepted and screened at VCO as to who the senders are. Mommy Tenny is heart broken and became ill because she couldn’t even talk to her own son, while her son chose to listen to the charge, accusations and lies of other people against them.
Every other way of trying to communicate to Ka Eduardo has been done by the family of Ka Erdy. But it all came to nothing due to the strict constraint that they are not to directly contact the Executive Minister. They have tried to write, call, personally see him, wait for him at the gates, and every other means, but the people close to Ka Eduardo has a very close grip on him that the family failed in every way to speak to Ka Eduardo and let him know the real situation of his family.
For over five years now, bro. Eduardo has not spoken to his beloved mother, Mommy Tenny.
The family of Ka Erdy is truly going through severe tribulations. If you are in doubt, look at all the pictures and videos featuring our beloved Executive Minister since the death of Ka Erdy.
Search for even one photo wherein he is together with his brothers and sisters and his mother. You may also visit incmedia.org and look for pictures and videos of Ka Eduardo together with his siblings and Ka Tenny in any of the worship services he officiated here in the Philippines and abroad. You will not find a single one, unlike during the time when Ka Eraño Manalo was still alive, Ka Erdy took his family with him every time he officiated a worship service. He sheltered his brothers and sisters as well as his relatives.
We can no longer ignore the painful truth that deeply affects the Administration and the Church as a whole, and it is the fact that there is no peace in the very household of Ka Erdy.
Ordinary members if at all necessary and possible would give our lives for the sake of Ka Erdy’s family because they too have given their lives as a sacrifice in serving the Church. And so our respect and love for brother Eraño Manalo transcends to his whole household. It is indeed very painful to know that there is a burdensome problem in the midst of the family of the Sugo that has lingered for so long and hasn’t yet been resolved.
So when we see that for the first time ever, the family is asking for our assistance in prayer for the safety of their family, and when we see and hear that they are in danger and are oppressed and experiencing hardship, are we going to turn a blind eye?
Our doctrine states that we are to help our brethren who are in need especially if we are able and the bible states that the love of God does not abide in those who do not help their brother in need. If we are moved by our faith and love to help ordinary brethren, we should all the more help the family of the Sugo. However, because our goodwill we may experience oppression, persecution, and cruelty as experienced by those who ultimately paid with expulsion because of helping the family of Ka Erdy.
Many have sent me messages saying that they have been talked to by their resident ministers and were ordered to close their fb accounts. They were warned that if they didn’t obey it would cause them to be expelled. This is why many brethren are wondering why these strange things are happening in the Church today. The former way and channels of communication have changed, all our letters and communications are being blocked and many brethren who tried and are trying to get through the administration regarding this issue is being threatened and oppressed. Because of the failure of communicating through proper channels, the family of Ka Eraño had no choice but to take their case using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They no longer have a choice!
Instead of embracing transparency and clearing the issue, the Administration decided to prohibit all Ministers, Workers and their families to have social media accounts such as Fb, iG and Twitter. They instructed us to deactivate all social media accounts! What’s next? We fear that they may also prohibit us from using email, Viber, text messaging, cellphone and Internet to stop the influx of the number of brethren who now know the truth!
I am also aware that many of you reading this message are angry in disbelief of what you are seeing and your initial reaction may be to refuse to believe it, or you doubt my credibility as a witness or author and you may ask me to stop and just rely on prayer. All of us believe that the Church is true and will no longer apostatize and it will lead us to our salvation. True and perfect are the words of God and the doctrines we have faith in in the Church but remember that the Sugo and the bible also teach that we must not be guards who are silent, dogs who cannot bark in the face of danger or evil, and blind followers. There is a need for cleansing in the Church all the way from the Ministers very close to the Administration who unfortunately are abusive and are taking advantage of the goodness and trust of the Executive Minister. So if we are to keep silent, we will only allow the evil ones to continue with their evil schemes, and allow them to tarnish the Church and the Administration.
Brethren, let us all set a vow prayer. Join us ministers who have been praying for five years now, everyday at 10:00 in the evening as a plea to our Lord God to reveal the perverse and lustful for gain among the Administration. Many of us ministers can no longer stomach the abuse that we are witnessing from our comrades in the Ministry. Never in the aim of fighting against or insubordination to the Executive Minister, but in ardent prayers and in doing what we can so that God will reveal those who are evil and are tarnishing the Ministry. God is merciful and they will be revealed and only then will the true cleansing be done in the Administration for the attainment of peace and tranquility in the nation of our Lord God in these last days.
Let us spread this information so that many more brethren will wake up and know the real truth and hinder those who are against the teachings of God and are abusive of their power.
Maraming Salamat po!
My brethren, after you read these messages, may it be that we all pray for our Executive Minister, our beloved brother Eduardo V. Manalo, that he may be persuaded by our Lord God to examine closely what is happening in the Church and may he not easily believe perverse reports brought to him by the Ministers who surround him. It will make way to a complete cleansing within the Administration of the church, and the misunderstanding within his family may be remedied. May he once again open his heart and feelings, endear and draw near his mother, Ka Tenny and his brothers and sisters so that a very heavy burden may be removed from his heart due the long absence of love for his siblings. This way, the whole Church will once again perceive serenity and peace and will be unanimous in complete renewal of life that will result into its spotless stature, unblemished and pure. Only the Executive Minister can lead us in this cleansing and not the Council because they are the ones that need cleansing first, from their addiction to power and perverse gain. It is true that out most powerful weapon to realize this is prayer and the words of God that teach us that it is not enough to simply have faith, work or effort is also important for the good or according to the will of God. For the bible teaches that in the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead (James 2:17). May God move all the brethren toward a positive renewal and unanimity. May God help us all. 
Your brother in Christ,
Antonio Ebangelista

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