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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ka Glicerio B. Santos Jr: Iglesia Ni Cristo General Auditor responsible in messing up events for the Philippine Arena's scrambling ticket sales

Mr. Antonio Ebangelio's continuous exposé on Ka Glicerio B. Santos' influence within the Iglesia Ni Cristo® Administration

On Philippine Arena...
Until now, many are wondering why the Philippine Arena is used for any kind of event such as concerts that are demoralizing the holiness of the Church known to have established it. How impressive it is to own the earth’s largest domed arena, but what now? We are only scrambling for events to say that it is being put to good use. In the hopes that funding will flow into the Philippine Arena, overseers have become sales agents selling tickets for arena events. This was never done in previous Church history. The cancelled appearance of Chris Brown during the New Year’s Eve Celebration was fully paid for by the Church. Many asked for a refund, especially non-members. Brethren who also asked for a refund were referred to their pastors who appealed to them to no longer request for a refund, instead to consider it as an offering. The employees at Central had an “automatic deduction” from their financial help/ Tulong whether they attended the event or not. Why is this not investigated? This has been turned into a “cover up” so that those who instigated it will remain in power.

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