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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ka Glicerio B. Santos Jr: Iglesia Ni Cristo® General Auditor harboring a Korean Fugitive Ja Hoon Ku

Mr. Antonio Ebangelio's continuous exposé on Ka Glicerio B. Santos' influence within the Iglesia Ni Cristo® Administration.

On Harboring a Korean Fugitive Ja Hoon Ku...

How about the news on TV regarding ka Glicerio Santos harboring one of the contractors of the Philippine Arena? You may research or Google about Ja Hoon Ku, who is wanted with a warrant of arrest from Korea due to the embezzlement of $200 Million from his Korean company. He was arrested by Police but he was released by Malacañang and was given to the custody and care of bro. Glicerio Santos Jr. This was broadcast on ABS-CBN. Many denounced the arm twisting done by Ka Jun Santos to Pnoy’s Government to set the charged criminal Ja Hoon free. This is an embarrassment on the members of the Church because it tainted the unblemished name of the Church. They forcibly killed off this issue so that Malacañang was unable to further comment about it. These are just a few of the very many incidents in the Church nowadays in which we can say that God is allowing them to fall into their own wrong doings so that their abuse of power and contempt disrespect to the Administration may be revealed.

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