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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Iglesia Ni Cristo® (INC™) allegedly backed a position for the Customs Commissioner appointment

Separation of Church and State???

In earlier news from Journal Online, it was reported that Mr. John Sevilla's resignation was caused by strong “pressure” to “politicize” the bureau’s operations as the 2016 elections approach and the alleged “strong lobbying” of the religious sect, Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) [emphasis mine] to place its own appointee as the new director of the Customs Police or the Enforcement Security Service (ESS) in the person of Atty. Teddy Raval.

According to Mr. Antonio Ebangelista, Ka Glicerio "Jun" Santos, the "Feeling Executive Minister" and the General Auditor of the Iglesia Ni Cristo®, who "has extolled himself to the level of the Executive Minister" who is the one "who summons the District Minister, approves the release of [INC™] Church funds, the purchase of properties, the selling of properties, making the lessons for the worship services, programs for Missionary and Edification", is the one "talking to politicians and placing brethren in government positions" now a reality! [bold mine]

Ochoa lobbied for INC-backed official's plum appointment at BOC- sources
By: Politiko 
Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa reportedly pushed for the appointment of a Customs official allegedly backed by Iglesia ni Cristo to a lucrative post within the bureau, sources told GMA News. 
According to sources, Ochoa tried to get resigned Customs Commissioner John Phillip Sevilla to appoint Teddy Raval as head of the Bureau of Customs’ intelligence service. 
Sevilla specifically mentioned what he saw are suspicious circumstances surrounding Raval’s appointment as an example of the political pressure that prompted him to quit his post.

“Walang ibang dahilan na binibigay para sa appontment ni Attorney Raval,” he said when he announced his resignation last Thursday. "Malakas ang tulak na ma-promote sa matataas na posisyon sa Customs.” 
"Kapag nangyayari ang ganyan, pinu-push ang ganyan, ako ay nagdududa sa kanilang motivations,” Sevilla added. 
Raval, who previously headed the BOC’s Intellectual Property Rights Division prior to becoming the intelligence services head, reportedly enjoys INC’s support. 
Sources said Ochoa attempted to course Raval’s appointment through a deputy Customs commissioner but the official told him to go to Sevilla, who refused.

Mr. Glicerio Jun Santos is rumored to be the illegitimate son of Felix Manalo according to one blogger.

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