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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bomb Rips Off a Catholic Cathedral in Kathmandu, Nepal

Dhobigahat (AsiaNews) – “This incident has greatly shocked whole catholic community”, is the immediate reaction of Fr. Shilas Bogati, who was leading morning prayer when a bomb exploded in the Cathedral of the Assumption in Kathmandu. An eyewitness has confirmed that the devise was planted by a middle aged women, dressed in black. When the “strange women” left the Church the bomb exploded.

Fr. Bogati was leading the congregation in the absence of the parish priest Fr. George who is aboard in India. Anthony Sharma, Apostolic Vicar for Nepal, is also abroad. “About seven months back – continues the priest - we had a telephone threat saying to stop all Christian activities and institutions, otherwise we will have serious consequences”. He recounts that at the time they did not take the threats seriously even though they had been warned by police. The group behind the episode is the Nepal Defence Army, a movement linked to Hindu fundamentalism.

Meanwhile information is emerging regarding the victims of the blast. Celeste Joseph, a 15 year old student and 30 year old Deepa Patrik, both Catholic; the first died from the impact of the explosion, the second died later in hospital from serious injury. At the time of the attack – 8.45 local time – only moments before the beginning of morning service – there were between 350 and 450 people.

The Nepal Defence Army, planted the bomb in a pressure coke laden with explosive and controller by a timer. The bomb was placed right in the heart of the cathedral to obtain maximum damage. Currently there are dozens of injured being treated for their wounds, three of whom are in serious conditions. Among these brother Rakesh, who directs a Catholic Institute... Read more...

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