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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Court decision to please Iglesia ni Cristo?

NewsBreak Online: The Iglesi ni Cristo cult in the Philippines won a court case against their fiercest rival in television bashing. The Supreme Court upholds the suspension of the ADD’s TV Program from airing after the Iglesia ni Cristo accused him of violating MTRCB’s rules. In response, Soriano challenged the MTRCB but the decision of the Supreme Court paved way for the celebration of the members of the cult of Mr. Manalo.

"In challenging the MTRCB ruling before the High Court, Soriano said it violated his constitutional right to free religion, speech and expression.

"He [Soriano] also argued that the MTRCB suspension is unconstitutional “in so far as it sanctions the censorship of religious programs as a form of subsequent punishment.” (
Source: SC sustains suspension of Ang Dating Daan )

Soriano could be right. How many times the Iglesia ni Cristo demonized the Catholic Church in their Official Magazine Pasugo? And how about their Pandoktrina which was formulated by their cult founder bashing Catholics as satanic and the Catholic Church as the Church of the Devil? Of course the MTRCB can’t do anything for it’s not circulated in bookstores. They kept it locked inside their temples and they alone discuss it themselves and inject a little dosage of it to every indoctrinee which has been proven to be powerfully effective.

Eli Soriano is the present owner and manager of the program “Ang Dating Daan” [The Old Path] which has been known to many viewers as the “walking Bible” for he impresses members and non-members of having the absolute knowledge of the Bible although I am not impressed when he said that dinosaurs are not real because it’s not in the Bible.

Soriano was once a member of the cultic religion of Felix Manalo.

According to NewsBreak Online:

"Soriano, using colorful language, has been harshly criticizing the INC on his TV program. And for his diatribe against an Iglesia ni Cristo minister, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board suspended the ADD program for three months. The tribunal upheld that suspension.

"The ruling may not have been for purely for legal reasons, and Court insiders and observers believe that the INC had a hand in it. The ponente was Justice Presbitero Velasco Jr., who is widely known to owe his appointment to the Supreme Court to the INC. We wrote before how Velasco secured the support of the INC to get the President to name him to the tribunal."

So this is our Philippine Supreme Court. It’s now the Supreme Court of the Iglesia ni Cristo
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