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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Personal Attack by Iglesia ni Cristo members

Weeks ago, I was personally attacked by the owner of www.resbak.com, members of the Iglesia ni Cristo in a forum for Filipinos (the website title itself suggest fatal attacking) . Two of the threads I created that they were not comfortable with was "INC: The true Church founded by Christ?" and "Iglesia ni Cristo: A Corporation Sole". As far as I could remember, I created those threads 3 years ago and it's still running. It was visited by many members of the Iglesia ni Cristo, some accounts lasted for months and disappeared and reappeared with another name and I can tell you that 99.9% of those who claimed to be members of the cult were there, not to explain logically (and calmly) about their doctrines but but they're there attacking Catholics and Catholic Doctrines.

I have argued many times the same argument and I have defended Catholic Doctrines according to how I knew them to the best of my knowledge and ability. Among the doctrines I questioned was Felix Manalo being an "angel" while Jesus being a "man" ONLY, it was very very unbiblical though.

Specifically, what prompted some members of the Iglesia ni Cristo to attacked my personality , my friends and my family was when I questioned why under heaven, they don't have any official website that we non-Iglesia members can all visit and take official reference amidst the huge amount of money flowing to Manalo's bank account as the legitimate owner of this Corporation Sole Iglesia ni Cristo.

Unable to confront those questions, they feasted on my personal photos and posted it especially those photos that I posted playfully. They hacked some social network accounts I have and vandalized it to discredit me from criticizing the Iglesia ni Cristo. They literally demonize me. They made fun of good friends I had, perhaps they too had kept some famly photos and close relatives for future attacks. And because of that I apologized for anyone whose face was put to shame by these dirty minded members of Manalo's cult.

As they love to bring to light a personality which they have invented and ctreated about me, as the worst sinner on earth, does it changed the fact that Felix Manalo established his Corporation Sole in the Philippines and named it as "Iglesia ni Cristo"?

What would my personality do with Felix Manalo's "angelic" statehood? Will it changed the fact that he lied when he said God commissioned him to re-establish Christ's Church when in fact it NEVER apostatized?

As a Catholic, a sinner if you will, I just can't sit idle doing nothing when the very core of my belief is being attacked by the cult of Felix Manalo.

What is Iglesia ni Cristo, a newly founded cult being named after Christ which had all the qualities of being an anti-Christ compared to the real Church Christ established in Jerusalem according to their PASUGO (Issue April 1966, p. 46).

As our Catechism says every baptized Catholic is a missionary and being a misisonary, one has to equip himself with proper knowledge of what is Catholic and what is not and try to live according to the Gospel values of which we Catholics admit we're sinners in need of a Savior, not a "Last Messenger" and a bogus church. Sad to say but even those Catholics who said they were renewed are still 80% ignorant of what's Catholic and what's not. Being membes of "charismatic" groups isn't enough. Learn, study, defend, love and live a Catholic life.

I am not saying that I am living a saintly life. Just like anybody, including the Pope, I do have my own flaws and passions and everyday I have cto fight constantly with my own unworthiness of being called a "Catholic".

So what happened in that forum? I stopped contributing because of the personal attacks they had on me. And that latest incident happened, the Administrator and the Moderator were deaf to hear my plea to banned users that use private and personal photos without my permission. With the 99.9% INC members, those who hacked my account and used it to attack me made them 100% cultic group.

I have limited terms how we can term those violations but I am pretty much sure what they did was a violation of my privacy.

May Christ forgive me for judging them but I think they have nothing so as to consider them Christian in anyway-- no love, no charity, no prudence. All they have is hatred just to defend their newly god Felix Manalo and the Iglesia ni Cristo.

P.S. Be careful, you might be the next victim. May God protects my family and my loved ones.

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