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Monday, May 4, 2009

INC not meddling in Politics? Really, Oh C’mon!

Another inconsistency! Another lie!

This is why I love to collect scanned pages from their Official Pasugo because it’s full of inconsistencies. I started having interest with their Pasugo when I came across a booklet published by the Divine Word Publication which wasn’t anymore in circulation (Read The Truth About the Iglesia ni Cristo in series—What kept me glued in that little book was that ALL questions were taken from their Official Magazine Pasugo as well as the answers. It’s PASUGO vs. PASUGO.

Thanks to Iglesia ni Cristo Blog for publicly exposing another lie of which the author said “shameful”

Have a look:

PASUGO Vol. XXI, August, 1969, No. 8.

“Sa pagkakaisang isinasagawa sa loob ng Iglesia ni Cristo ay nagtatamo siya ng mga pagpaparatang ng mga kumakaaway, laluna mula sa Iglesia Katolika. Ang Iglesia ni Cristo raw ay nakikialam sa pulitika. Ang paratang na ito’y hubad sa katotohanan. Ang Iglesia ni Cristo’y hindi nakikialam sa pulitika, manapa’y siya ang pinakikialaman ng mga pulitiko. Ang totoo ay may Iglesia na siyang nakikialam sa pulitika at nais ding magkaisa sila hindi nga lamang mangyari.”
[My own translation: “With the unity within the Iglesia ni Cristo it receives many accusations from its enemies, especially from the Catholic Church. According to them the Iglesia ni Cristo meddles with politics. This accusation was derailed from truth. The Iglesia n Cristo does not meddle in politics, in fact it’s the politicians themselves who meddle with it (Iglesia). In truth, there is a Church that meddles in politics which tries to unify its members but it just couldn’t.”] (This pertains to Catholics).

Is anyone ignorant about the “block voting” teaching of the Iglesia ni Cristo cult in the Philippines?


But is there such a thing as “block-voting” within the Iglesia ni Cristo?

A biiiiiiiiig NO!

Although they swore an oath to abide with the reigning heir to the throne, Ka Erdy Manalo they’re not following him. They rather follow the dictates of their conscience which the Catholic Church teaches its faithful during election.

In fact, when the present government wanted to shift the government to Parliamentary form, it was through the INC’s meddling in politics that GMA halted from the plan. Here’s from Philippine Daily Inquirer INC brings GMA to the ground:
"It took the influential Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) to bring her down to the ground. GMA said she no longer supported Cha-cha after INC leaders talked to her and put sense into her head.”
So they lied right? They do meddle in politics!

I believe block voting within the Iglesia ni Cristo is just a “show-off”. They want to project to the world that their cult is deeply unified when in fact they are deeply divided over the “block voting” teachings and profoundly inconsistent in their teachings as well.

Fact is, if they really have this “block-voting” a mandatory for every member of the cult, why the Alagad Party-List which is an Official Iglesia ni Cristo Party List got only 340,977 total votes. winning only one seat in the Congress? “Even the Buhay Hayaan Yumabong party-list of El Shaddai surpasses the Alagad votes. BUHAY party-list won TWO congressional seats with their 705,730 votes (5.5473% of the nationwide party-list vote)” according to the author of the Iglesia ni Cristo Blog.

I thought their affiliated members are in millions? I thought they’re united? “Are the conflicting statistical INC members which supposed to lift a candidate only a myth?”
Surely it is!


Did you notice how they write their Pasugo? They hated the Roman Catholic Church because they say it's from Pagan Rome but they are using PAGAN Roman Letters, PAGAN Roman Numerals, PAGAN Month, and the Gregorian Calendar which is a Roman Catholic Church Calendar:

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