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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tamimi, Unrepentant for His Unbecoming Attitude!

Remember the very unbecoming attitude of a supposedly respectable men robed in a "holy" clothes two days ago? Sheik Tamimi is one of the most disrespectable representative of Muslims in Palestine and Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and he has disgraced himself by behaving very rudely from the rest of the respectable guests and visitors in Pope Benedict XVI's "peace" initiative to bridge differences. Thanks to JihadWatch for providing us a comprehensive story about this very "unbecoming attitude" of supposedly "a espectable" Muslim man.:
JERUSALEM — A Muslim cleric who commandeered the stage at a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI to rail against Israel's harsh treatment of Palestinians said Tuesday he spoke out because he was representing Islam.

Vatican officials criticized Sheik Taysir Tamimi's five-minute speech Monday evening at what had been billed as an interfaith meeting. It was the first political controversy played out in Benedict's presence on his five-day Holy Land pilgrimage.

Tamimi said organizers had not allotted him speaking time, though he was seated on the stage, and he simply righted a wrong by walking up to the podium to address the pope. A rabbi at the meeting was also not scheduled to speak.

"I wanted to express the suffering of our people and to show the occupation's procedures against the Palestinian people," Tamimi told The Associated Press. "If I represent Islam at a meeting for dialogue and I don't speak, am I just a piece of furniture?" (Read more in Newsvine)
And I guess that's the reason why he was not given a time to address the Pope for that same reason of having a rude attitude, today nor in the future.

Photo Credit: NewsVine

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