"The Christianity of history is not Protestantism. If ever there were a safe truth it is this, and Protestantism has ever felt it so; to be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant." (-John Henry Newman, An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine).

"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

“But if I should be delayed, you should know how to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth.” 1 Timothy 3:15

"This is the sole Church of Christ, which in the Creed we profess to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic." -CCC 811

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Conversion Story of an Iglesia ni Cristo

Among the reasons why a former Catholic converts to the Iglesia ni Cristo is because of the Catholic Church's doctrine on Trinity. They say it's "unbiblical" and was invented but of course they are not. And besides their Ministros are not telling us the whole truth, instead they use their own ignorance to lead other ignorant Catholics like a blind leading a blind.

The Divinity of Christ was long been believed by early Christians. It's biblical! From the time of the original 12 Apostles, Jesus was perceived to be as such ever since. If we go back to the reason why he was condemned by the Jewish High Priest was because he was found guilty of "deeming to be God"- a blasphemy which is punishable by death alone.

Did Christ recant or correct his accusers if he knew he wasn't God himself?
The answer was a big NO. Jesus who knew who he was accepted death rather than denying his true self.

What the Catholic Church did was to simply AFFIRMED this truth against those who deny it. That in the year 325 A.D. the Council of Nicea was convened. This laid to rest the influence of Arianism who denied his divinity and is now revived by the anti-Christ.

Catholic Converts (you can listen to converts here) stories ranges from a simple to a more dramatic story that led them to the Truth of the Catholic Church, it's liturgical beauty and it's perpetual existence from the time of the Apostles to this day and onwards.

It is undeniable that the Catholic Church IS the original Church which Christ founded and not even an inch can the Iglesia ni Cristo match those historical facts written in volumes.

Here is a conversion story of a certain Ka Joven, a former Catholic as he's claiming who abandoned Christ's original Church and joined the cult of the Iglesia ni Cristo. Just like Ka Joven, their founder Felix Manalo was baptized in the Catholic Church, named "Felix" in his baptismal records which he retained all throughout his life and was never baptized in his cult.

Despite the abundant biblical evidences about the Divinity of Christ (see Christology), they selectively quote few biblical passages that confirms only one aspect of his true self and that is his humanity. Although what they knew about Christ is doctrinally acceptable to all Christians and the Catholic Church it doesn't negate Him being in the Divine state.

So far, as I have challenged many Iglesia ni Cristo members, they CANNOT provide not a single verse that says Jesus is "NOT" God simply because they cannot find it there.

And most certainly NO ONE cannot deny something which doesn't exist. That's absurd!

This convert's story is simple, nothing spiritual in substance. He doubted the Trinity and so he became an Iglesia ni Cristo. While reading notice the words "Iglesia ni Cristo", why he's not translating it to English as he's writing in the English language? Why he's keeping the "Tagalog" name? Use your common sense:

"When I graduated from the University of Sto. Tomas, I thought I knew religion well enough to parry questions from anyone and wiggle out any issue brought to me. I had two friends, Rufino Coronel and Perlas Caramat, members of the Iglesia ni Cristo. Both of them invited me to attend worship services but I always declined.

After graduation from college, I taught in a public school in Manila. In the summer of 1972, I graduated from Far Eastern University in Business and Finance. I worked during the day and studied at night for a Master's degree in Public Administration at the University of the Philippines. Expressing my gratitude for God's blessings, I made it a point to always attend Mass on Sundays and even everyday during the Misa de Gallo at the university chapel in observance of Christmas.

On July 31, 1976, I came to the United States hoping for a better life and opportunity. I tried to preserve my Catholic faith although I no longer believed in confession and in the infallibility of the Pope. I felt that confession to a priest was a futile exercise in reconciling myself to my Maker and I considered the infallibility of the Pope as a mundane display of arrogance. Later, I began to question the rest of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

He no longer believed in the "infallibility of the Pope" but he absolutely believed in the infallibility of Erano Manalo as his "little pope". Perhaps, he thought that the Pope was infallible when in fact the Pope's infallibility is only in matters of faith and morals, not his personal aspect. (see Infallibility of the Church)
In September 1982, I went home to the Philippines to visit my wife and my parents. I was terribly shocked when my sister-in-law, Marlene, told me that Boying became an Iglesia ni Cristo member. I wanted to talk to him but I never had the chance because he was always away from home, being a navy serviceman.

When I returned to the United States, I went to Chicago to visit my older brother, Manong Tante and his family. During my stay with them, for some strange reason, we ended up talking about the true nature of Christ and the Trinity. We toyed with the idea that Christ is not God. Our discussions led me to search for a deeper understanding of the topic for I became totally lost!

On January 2, 1983, my wife joined me here in the United States and, shortly after, I was blessed with my children, Patrick and Abigail. Boying sent me a videotape of the debate between Brother Jose Ventilacion of the
Iglesia ni Cristo and Pastor Andrian Anderson of the Worldwide Apostolic Ministries of Jesus Christ. I watched Brother Ventilacion defend the doctrines of the Iglesia ni Cristo with ease to the final verse.

On December 31, 1994, I decided not to go to church anymore. Almost a year before this, I had already sent letters to my family informing them that I was no longer a Catholic. I knew this meant a struggle toward the unknown and the uncertain but I was ready to investigate other churches.

One Sunday morning, my son, Patrick, and I attended a worship service in a church in Farmington, Connecticut. We found out the following week that it, too, believed in the Trinity. So we ruled out this church.
Although the Iglesia ni Cristo was way down my list of the 17 churches I planned to investigate, I called Boying to inquire where I could find an Iglesia ni Cristo house of worship without revealing my intention.

This was also the first time we talked about our disagreements in matters of religion. The locale of Long Island City in New York is about a two-hour drive from my home, not including the normal traffic situation in the heart of the city of New York.

I thought about the logic in exchanging the convenience of attending Mass at a chapel just a stone's throw away from our house with several hundreds of miles of traveling just to attend the
Iglesia ni Cristo worship service. We were faced with an entirely unique situation that involved our time and current work schedules, along with our children's academic schedules, and other commitments that were already arranged at that time.

When the St. Dunstan Church bells rang across the street from my house that Sunday morning on January 22, 1995, I, together with my wife, my children, and my mother-in-law, were about to leave for Long Island City, New York for our first worship service in the
Iglesia ni Cristo. We prayed to the Lord God to guide us through with our decision. During the worship service, we were impressed by how the members conducted themselves throughout the service. It was the most solemn and fulfilling event we had ever experienced in our lives.

The lesson was very appropriate and inviting. Brother Felix Lim, Jr, asking questions and reading the answers from the Bible, delivered a very spiritual sermon.

On that day, we decided to undergo Bible Study on the doctrines of the
Iglesia ni Cristo. After proving our sincerity to become members of the Church, we were scheduled to be baptized on December 2, 1995.

As we waited for that day, I received news on November 27, 1995 that our house in the Philippines was destroyed by fire. This tragedy was a test of our faith. We decided to stay for our baptism instead of being with our parents in their trying times. It was a decision compelling us to bear the pains and the thought of our parent's plight because we believed that, at that time, our baptism into the true religion was the most important thing.

We were able to pull through this test along with the persecutions that followed. There were six in my household who were baptized on that day in Long Island City, aside from myself - my wife, Mila, my mother-in-law, Ana Rabanal, Annabelle Cauile, Edwin Rabanal, and Julian Rabanal.

After I withdrew my children from their Catechism classes and membership in the parish choir, the director of religious education in our parish, Mr. Ivan Hawk, challenged me to a discussion. Just like Boying, I was waiting, armed with a list of topics that I wanted him to explain.

Unfortunately, our meeting never materialized because Mr. Hawk was transferred to New Hampshire for another assignment. Our friends and acquaintances no longer saw us attending Christmas parties as we had been used to. Consequently, we experienced persecutions from them and from those who are close to our hearts. It was not easy - the road sometimes is too difficult to tread.

We are now registered in the extension of Norwich, Connecticut. My wife, who has been very supportive in all the decisions we both made, is a deaconess and also serves in the secretariat. Patrick and Abigail are both in the choir. I am blessed with the office of second head deacon.

We are all active in our respective duties and very thankful to God that we were called into the true Church.
Despite the worries and trials we experience in this life, we remain strong in our faith and pray earnestly to the Father in heaven that He continue granting us the grace to serve Him until the very end.

There is a reason why the Iglesia ni Cristo cannot be translated independently to English language as "Church of Christ." The simplest explanation to this is because the "Iglesia ni Cristo" and the "Church of Christ" are two distinct registered trademark protected by the Republic of the Philippines and that when you say "Iglesia ni Cristo" it refers to a sect founded and registered by Felix Manalo as a Corporation Sole and when you say "Church of Christ" we refer to a sect founded and registered by Helen G. White, an American.

What kind of a powerful God would be willing to limit the name of his "church" to tagalog language and would face a legal problem if it's translated to the English language? Think about it. Isn't all languages belong to God? Where is it's universal characteristic? Isn't God wills everyone to be saved without racial or lingual restrictions? Dito pa lang hindi ka pa ba magtataka?

They called themselves "Iglesia"? Did God commanded his new "church" members to call themselves "Iglesia" (which means church from the Spanish word Iglesia or Yglesia?) Where can we find that in the Bible? At this point you must be thinking.

Ka Joven said "We prayed to the Lord God to guide us through with our decision."

Have you noticed the words "Lord God" and that they prayed to him? Would it mean another thing if they would pray to the "Lord Jesus" to guide them through their decision? If they do, then they're worshipping two Lords: One Lord God and one Lord Jesus a man (only). Have you noticed the complexity of this new Gospel preached by a fallible Felix Manalo?

Didn't Ka Joven thought of considering the pages of history and how history had judged its founder Felix Manalo about his sexual minconducts while preaching he's the "Last Messenger"?

Maybe Ka Joven failed to see the similarity of his church' founder to that of the LDS Joseph Smith? Both claimed to re-established Christ's Church to its pristine beauty and both claimed to have a mandate to re-establish it.

The only difference? One claimed to be the "LAST PROPHET" while the other one claimed to be the "LAST MESSENGER (Angel)".


  1. This is your defense? You, claim the Iglesia's couldn't find a verse that say Christ is not GOD but yet you ignore Jesus statement when Hesaid: So They would know YOU, as the one true GOD. I hope all your education from the fancy smancy university in Manila would agree that When Jesus spoke the word "You" he was refering to another person or entity(in thios case his Father the one true GOD)That why Catholics are always the laughing stocks when it comes to defending their chuch's teachings. None of the Catholic teachings stand in any solid ground to begin with. Most of your faithful apologist always end up looking like fools because their debating strategy is basd on fallacious arguments. Catholisism is like being a member of a fraternity... all you guys hold on is that you dominate the numbers but on intelligent debates even your scholars are considered lightweights. But how can you blame them...they are defending a teachings that are no biblical basis.

    1. https://www.facebook.com/simon.andrada.10
      This is the debate group in fb: https://www.facebook.com/groups/incvscath/
      Simon Andrada, INC defender. Ano siya? Isang proud manyakis. Lahat ng ina-accpet nyang friends mga chicks lang. Sa mga debate namin sinasabi niya wala raw masama sa lust dahil normal lang daw. Ganito ang aral ng INC Manalists na hindi nila agad sinasabi bago ka ma-convert. Basta the more na ma-trap sa kanilang patibong, the better.
      Matthew 5:27-28
      “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

  2. And also GOD the Almighty said the "There is no other god like him, He know not one." so would you dare go against God's statement?

    Oh and with regards to your other fallacious argument about the "Church of Christ" as an American found sect...your argument again is weak because the truth is there are thousands and thousands of church's here in America with that same exact name but are not related to each other. The Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ[English translation]) so the real question is "How can we be sure then who the real church of christ is then?" and the answer is that the Real Church of Christ has a biblical prophecy...without one we cannot be sure about it. Now with regards to the Iglesia ni Cristo that started in the Philippines , the bible spoke of signs that happened to exactly match for the Iglesia ni Cristo. is that just a coincidence? that the first world war happen to coincide with the registration of the Iglesia ni Cristo church, which in the bible said would be the time when Christ real church would gather again. if you cant see through this clear truth...go back to UST and go straight to the president's office and slap him/her in the face and demand all your money back because clearly they have given you a worthless education.... they should have at least attempted to teach critical thinking classes in that university.

  3. Thanks for sending your valuable opinion. However, i can't change facts. The Catholic Church is the true Church Christ established which your own Pasugo confirmed.

    May God bless you and your family. To Jesus Christ be praised!

  4. yes i agree with you when you said, "i can't change fact". may i ask you then this question, "is our Lord Jesus Christ" a Catholic? were the apostles, catholic?

    1. Yes, their teachings is UNIVERSAL (Catholic), yes they are.

      The fact that their NAMES can be changed in different language yet can mean the same and remain the same is a UNIVERSAL characteristic

      Iesu, Jesus, Hesus, Yehosua, Jesu etc..
      Ionnes, Juan, John, Johann, etc
      Petrus, Pedro, Peter, Pietro etc,

      Papa Francesco, Pope Francis, Papa Francisco, Papst Francis etc

      Eh si Felix Manalo... FELIX MANALO lang, pangalang bigay sa kanya ng IGLESIA KATOLIKA... at kahit nagtayo ng sariling Iglesia pero wala siyang KAKAYAHANG baguhin ang kanyang pangalan maliban na lamang sa pagpapasyang bitbitin ang huling pangalan ng kanyang KATOLIKONG INA... si Mrs. Bonifacia Manalo!!!

  5. this would be my second time to post and respond to this article.

    question: were the apostles members of the apostolic roman catholic church?

    1. Jesus Christ Founded the Catholic Church to Saint Peter then if you are going to track the history of Catholic church until now kumpleto yan mula kay peter papunta sa sumunod na leader ng church until sa kasalukuyang leader ng Church. tapos ngayon ang itatanong mo si Jesus Christ ba at mga apostles ay Catholic??? eto sagot ko ang Founder ng Iglesia ni Cristo si Felix Manalo ay isang Catholic! o gets mo?

    2. They have no sense of history kaya kung ano-ano na lang ang pinupulot nilang basura laban sa Simbahang Katolika.

  6. Fool Iglesia ni Cristo members! You want to fool us by your tricky question?

    Lapu-Lapu is considered the FIRST FILIPINO HERO. Was Lapu-lapu a "Filipino"? Was Rajah Soliman datu of Maynilad a "Filipino"?

    If you can answer those two questions then I will answer you as well.


  7. But definitely, Jesus Christ and the Apostles were never members of the IGLESIA NI CRISTO founded by Manalo in 1914!

  8. I must agree with Catholic offender, iglesia ni cristo(new religion) was found in 1914? Catholic/Christian under 2,000 yrs and i apologize but i have attended your church, and for you ed, you are correct the ministers are very well educated, but how could you tell someone that this is the way the bible is read? and when i read it i don't understand? so you try to dumb it down for me? saying that you are correct because you have read it and this is how it is read and this is what it means? Iglesia ni cristo does not brain wash, they just assume they know very well how the bible is read and that catholics are wrong, and we created halloween, which is incorrect! how could you make us look bad for you iglesia's drink and gamble, which is totally against your religion, who are you to say we are sinners, as are you. We are only human, god made us perfect but we our selves have many imperfections.

  9. Lol, the CAtholic Church is NOT OWNED by an individual, or family. It is simply THE CHURCH.

    So you are wrong when you said "your church" it is Christ's Church, and there is no doubt about that.

    Consider these:

    Tanong: Totoo ba o hindi na si Felix Manalo ang siyang nagtatag ng INK -1914?

    Sagot: PASUGO Agosto-Setyembre 1964, p. 5
    “Kailan napatala sa Pamahalaan o narehistro ang INK sa Pilipinas? Noong Hulyo 27, 1914. Tunay nga na sinasabi sa rehistro na si Kapatid na F. Manalo ang nagtatag ng INK."

    Tanong: Sino ang may-ari ng Iglesiang itinatag ni Ginoong Felix Manalo?

    Sagot: PASUGO Mayo 1952, p. 4
    “Kung ang babalingan ng pag-uusapan ay ang nagtatag, dapat na siya ang may-ari ng itinatag, at sa kanya rin manggagaling ang mga aral at turo na ipinatutupad."

    Lalong lumilitaw na si Felix Manalo ang nagtatag at may-ari nitong tinagurian nilang INK na nairehistro sa Pilipinas noong Huly 27, 1914 at hindi sa Dios at kay Cristo kundi nagpapanggap lamang, baka sakali'y makalusot!

    Tanong: Mayroon bang karapatan na magtayo ng Iglesia ang isang tao, na katulad ni Felix Manalong tao?

    Sagot: PASUGO Nobyembre 1940, p. 23:
    “Iisa lamang ang tanging makapagtatayo ng Iglesiang magiging dapat sa Dios. Kung sino? -- Ang ating Panginoong Jesu-Cristo lamang! Sinumang tao-- maging marunong o mangmang-- ay walang karapatang magtayo..."

    Tanong: Ilan ba ang Iglesiang itinayo ni Cristo, at saang dako ng daigdig niya itinayo?

    Sagot: PASUGO Mayo 1968, p. 7:
    “Ang tunay na Iglesia ni Cristo ay iisa lamang, ito ang Iglesiang itinayo ni Cristo. Kung mayroon mang nagsisibangon ngayong mga Iglesia at sasabihing sila man ay INK rin ang mga ito ay hindi tunay kundi huwad lamang!"

    PASUGO Abril 1966, p. 46: “Ang Iglesia Katolika na sa pasimula ay siyang Iglesia ni Cristo."

    Read more HERE

  10. If Iglesia ni Cristo said that If you will become members of their religion you will be saved by GOD?

    Let's THINK!
    so here's my questions to the INC:




    I got into a horrible argument with one of their bloggers at their blog which features the 96th Anniversary of iglesia ni cristo.

    When I opened up the topic about who's the higher person to honor Mary the Mother of Christ or a Live Pastor of the INC, He answered it was the INC Minister because he can bring prayers to the Father not a "Dead" Mary.

    What an ignorant answer, they even defied the Mother of Christ in their statements.
    But he also stated that Felix Manalo and all the dead will be waiting for the Judgement from God.

    So Dead INC members are still waiting to be judged hahaha ridiculous, even though they said that they will be saved if you joined them.

    1. why you gonna argue with a member? Like you, as a catholic, you don't know everything in your church. so Why don't you ask or argue with the Ministers of the Iglesia Ni Cristo instead of questioning a member? is that make sense?

    2. Why?

      It's because I am also an ordinary Catholic!

      Most of the debates watched in Youtube were debates from INC Church of Manalo's paid ministers and ORDINARY Catholic apologetics.

      Between Ventilacion and Keating, it's a high ranking INC MINISTER vs ordinary lay Catholic apologetics, come to think about it.

      Between our priests and your paid ministers, there is no match. Our priests studied a minimum of 8 years, your ministers finished 4 years hindi pa degree.

      The match of Eduardo should be the Pope but of course that comparison is UNFAIR since your Eduardo is nothing while our Pope is somebody! When our Pope goes to any place or country, people are interested. Media is following. International news agencies would spend huge amount of money just for a Papal trip.

      Eduardo? Hmmm... never mind.

      So kita mo? Katapa lang pala ng mga Ministro niyong bayaran ay mga ordinary na mga Catholic tulad ko. No wonder why lots of INC Church of Manalo members are like robots, who know nothing about their newly found man-made INC faith and their former (Catholic) faith rich in history and the Bible.

      Think of it.

    3. if i were you ....you must first study your church before you study other church because, you are just spending your time wortless...

    4. Anonymous na INC ni Manalo, lantad na lantad po sa Internet ang lahat ng katuran ng Iglesia Katolika. Kahit ang kanyang kasaysayan, maging mabuti at masama ay nasa internet po... kaya walang duda marami na po ang nag-aaral at nagsusuri sa kanya.

      Ang INC ni Manalo, meron ba?

  11. Thanks keb, that's one good exposition of the hypocritical attitude of the INC 1914. God bless and thanks for visiting my blog.

  12. @ keb_17: please read the bible in Psalms, which states that the dead know NOTHING. They have no place for anything done under the sun. Our God is the GOD of the LIVING! Your "purgatory" doctrine has no biblical basis! only does it exist in your man-made teaching.

    @ Anonymous Catholic Defender: the bible teaches that Mary and the apostles were in the FIRST CENTURY CHURCH OF CHRIST, NOT in the CHURCH in THESE LAST DAYS. (so to answer your question: NO, just because the church in these last days was established in 1914, does not mean Mary and the apostles won't be saved.) For your information, the church was not established by Felix Manalo, but was re-established in the Far East by CHRIST, as prophesied in the bible. remember reading that? Felix was GOD'S instrument in the reemergence of the true believers.

    I HAVE SOME QUESTIONS NOW, you all carry crosses and roseries and bow down before images that were hand crafted by man. is that not IDOLATRY? to make matters worse, you worship a MAN (POPE) by bowing down to him, kissing his ring and even his feet. is a man with sins to be worshiped???????????? is THAT BIBLICAL??? first off, how in the hell do you guys know what those saints even look like? there are no documentations or historical proofs of what the Mary and Jesus or apostles look like.

    aside from these things, if i were Jesus and i came back, i would be offended that you guys kiss and bow down to a cross, the very object that serves as a reminder of what pain and sufferings i've been through. if he died in an electric chair, would you guys carry a necklace with an electric chair around your neck? had he been stoned, would you carry rocks around your neck as well?

    please hide those things from Jesus before he comes back!

    the historical fact of a cross and stones were used as CAPITAL PUNISHMENT for CRIMINALS!

    1. @ Anonymous.Read the bible yourself and you will find all our practices are mentioned. Read between the lines. Can you show me where in the bible it it mentions the names mANALo and Philippines?

  13. @Anonymous (pro INC)

    you have stated: "please read the bible in Psalms, which states that the dead know NOTHING. "
    - So it means that the apostles and the early Christian martyrs know nothing at all, therefore it means that The dead Felix and Erano Manalo also know nothing.
    To tell you, The apostles have already been saved by Christ. Because he has chosen them. But it is just a common sense even it is not stated clearly in the Bible.
    Even before your INC 1914 sprouted like a mushroom in the field they have been saved by Christ because they lived His teachings. Even his Mother and foster Father Joseph they were saved.
    And you have only presented a very vague passage from the psalms, just to defend your false faith. If INC sprouted in 1914, It tells us all that Christ is a liar and left the Church for nothing? (You will not dare to reply this issue)

    And another: "Our God is the GOD of the LIVING!"
    What about the souls of the Dead? Just because you are dead it means God has abandoned you? It is just an erroneous doctrine that you try to spread. God will judge the living and the dead! Because he himself created death, since he is our Maker. He decides when our life will start or end. The living is full of materialistic ideas, money, properties, awards..etc. So therefore you have brought us a meaning of your Iglesia ni Cristo that it is a Church of a materialistic people not spiritual.

    And another: "purgatory" doctrine has no biblical basis! only does it exist in your man-made teaching"

    It has a biblical basis no matter what and purgatory exist since the souls of the dead will be purified before they Go to heaven. Because we all know that even until death God will never abandon us because he wants us to be with him.Because heaven is a place for the "perfect" it means righteousness. As Christ say "be perfect as our Father in heaven is Perfect". God wants us to be free from sins before entering The heaven. Since our God is a merciful and forgiving God. Because our Bond with God is not like a Husband and wife;"till death do us part" But even until death God will show his mercy and love.

    I know that you will blabber a lot of things.But the truth will cut off the chains! Our doctrine is not of Man but it is a Christ centered teaching and we based our doctrines from the Bible. So stop accusing us that we don't teach according to the Bible. Because we do.
    Until death God will continue to save us that is why we pray for them. But for you INC1914 NO, NEVER you would dare. And Speaking of Mary I know that you hate the Mother of Christ, Tell you what, She has been truly saved because than your INC members.

  14. @anonymous

    I ask you again. Did Christ left the 1st century Church? And then used Felix Manalo or re-establish his Church? If yes? How come that the Church is still standing with billions of members worldwide?

    Next, If felix Manalo is an Angel and Christ is a Man how come that a Man is higher than an Angel? Since angels are higher kind .Angels are spiritual beings they don't die like Felix. But why Did Felix DIED?

    another, Would you say to us that the Roman Catholic Church which is 1st century Church the Bride of Christ?

    Another question:Since you all love to read according to the Bible. Who compiled the Bible? the 1st Century Church which is the Catholic Church or your INC1914?

    Next, Who is greater Mary the Mother of Christ or Felix Manalo?

    Next question. Can Muslims and Buddhist be saved if they don't enter your INC 1914? And did Christ only died for your own INC not for all mankind which is Created by God the Father?

    Last. Is it true that Christ prophesied that he will leave his Church and then re-establish it at 1914 with the use of Felix Manalo?


  15. @Anonymous! Who ever you are I'm waiting for days here to wait for your answers.
    But you wouldn't dare to reply!
    Seems your out of your illogical ideas.

    1. Keb, Anonymous can't answer your questions because he knows his answers would put him more to shame. Apparently, his pathetic post can only come from the mind of a stupid moron who can't tell his nose from his behind. You're doing a great job defending Mother Church. Keep it up. Our prayers are with you. God bless!

  16. @brother keb_17: surely, nabahag na ang buntot nyan kadiskusyon mo...hehehehehe

    They denied Christ's divinity and degrading Christ's persona into a mere human while exalting Felix Manalo into an Angel which has no biblical basis at all. To deny Christ is to deny the Father which is in heaven.

    They are full of hatred and bigotry towards the Catholic Church that they will do everything just to malign Christ's Bride. They (INM) can never bring the Catholic Church down for the Lord Jesus promised to be always with His Church up to the end of times.

    They also selectively quote biblical passages just to conform with their theology but does not recognize phrases and verses which refutes their doctrines.

    As St. Augustine of Hippo said, "If you believe what you like in the Gospel, and reject what you don't like, it is not the Gospel you believe, but yourself."

    May God bless always this blog and people who actively stand up to defend the Faith!!!

  17. Thanks Andrew. I like that last thing you said about St. Augustine. That's like a sure arrow hitting the bullseye.

  18. To the keeper of this blog:

    The truth remains the truth even how far it gets. It is obvious that we hurt each others feeling when we do these. This is just a friendly advice if you really want to know more about the Iglesia Ni Cristo why not try it yourself to attend their worship services. Just observe and listen and be a guest to feel how they worship their God. Then when the service end try to seek for their preacher for a talk or reaction about the service. Its worth trying. :)

    1. Agree!

      The TRUTH in the CATHOLIC CHURCH of CHRIST remains. From 33AD till this date, it will always be.

      Not even a "johnny-come-lately" church founded by Manalo can quench that TRUTH.

      And the TRUTH remains that Manalo's INCorporated 1914 All Rights Reserve Church will always be a MANALO CHURCH no matter how it uses the words "Iglesia ni Cristo".

      And the TRUTH: Romans 16:16 talks about the CATHOLIC CHURCH in ROME and not in PINAS.. kaya nga SULAT sa mga taga-ROMA eh!!! "binabati kayo (Iglesia sa Roma) ng LAHAT ng mga iglesia ni Cristo" (maliban sa PEKENG INC ni Manalo)

    2. I will never plan to attend an INC service again. It's a waste of time! Puro kapaimbabawan lang at mga huwad na turo ang mapapakinggan mo!

  19. Behold the TRUTH:

    Does Jesus approve of calling the leaders of the church, “Father”?

    “Do not call ANYONE on earth your Father, for ONE is your Father, HE who is in Heaven” -Matthew 23:9

    I do not believe that GOD appreciates you calling a MAN, “father” especially when HE himself commanded this and this man commits sin.
    We do not WORSHIP FELIX MANALO, nor did/do we call him father for it is WRONG

    Worshipping idols, icons and images violates the 2nd commandment…
    FACT: Catholics regularly bow down to idols, icons and images of Jesus, Mary and the apostles, kissing the feet of the statues and praying to them.
    Historical note: The Pope deleted the 2nd of the 10 commandments so they could use statues & images in worship. They split the 10th commandment on coveting into two commandments so they could still have 10 in number. Don't believe this? Look at the list of 10 commandments published by the Roman Catholic church! The issue here is not how the Ten Commandments are numbered, rather the issue is that most published lists of the 10 commandments do not include the words, "you shall not for yourself an idol". Open your Catholic Bible and look for yourself!
    Question #1: Does the 2nd commandment approve of bowing down and kissing idols?
    "You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth. You shall not worship them or serve them." -Exodus 20:4-5
    Question #2: Did JESUS say it was OK for man to change what the word of GOD teaches for man-made catholic doctrines?
    "'But in vain do they worship Me, Teaching as doctrines the precepts of men.' "Neglecting the commandment of God, you hold to the tradition of men." He was also saying to them, "You are experts at setting aside the commandment of God in order to keep your tradition." Mark 7:7-9

    Sounds like your priests would rather keep to their traditions rather than follow what is commanded

    Did Jesus forbid repetitive prayer using Rosary Beads?

    “And when you are praying, do not use meaningless repetition as the GENTILES do, for they suppose that they will be heard for their many words” -Matthew 6:7

    Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee..
    Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee..
    Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee..

    …Sounds repetitious to me..


    You confess your sins to the priest to be forgiven..

    Historical fact: many priests have been known to take bribes for forgiveness of sins…
    So if I had enough money, I could be forgiven of my sins?

    By the way, what’s the difference between a child molester and a priest??
    …still trying to figure that one out…


    Take note, when we read the BIBLE, we do not create other books, passages, commandments etc, to claim as our own teachings…

    YOUR words and accusations are amateur, SITE YOUR BASIS!!!

    1. Let me ASK you a basic question:

      Since the BIBLE is your SOLE AUTHORITY, where can we find it in the Scriptures that the Bible is the SOLE AUTHORITY?

      Understandably, the reason why you are upset is because your ONLY LAST SUGO was a RAPIST.

      You've got nothing to be proud of so your bigotry against the TRUE CHURCH OF CHRIST which is the CATHOLIC CHURCH is understandable.

  20. In Corinthians it says that the gospel was brought to man for doctrine, for teaching and for salvation.

    If you cannot find Corinthians, just read the last verses of the Bible to make it easy for you, which states "You shall NOT ADD, nor SUBTRACT from what is written."

    now that YOU (catholic defender) know the truth, get rid of all of your extra books which claim to be your basis for salvation. ie 7 Sacraments, The Catholic Rosary, etc...


    you have categorized the catholic church among the mormons, jehovah witnesses, even the muslims which all depends on THEIR man-made books to salvation

    1. Between 33AD to 150 AD there was no BIBLE as we have today. Do you think the SOLA SCRIPTURA doctrine of your man-made church stands on that?

      Rather in 1Tim 3:15 it says the CHURCH is the PILLAR and BULWARK of truth!!!

      Do not complicate truth. The Catholic Church is the only Church which claims continuity from the time of the apostles. Your man-made church cannot even claim it squarely.

      Dream on, it's free.

  21. Catholics, you have yet to explain everything else!


      Sweat it out, exert more effort, flex your muscle! Don't be spoonfed!!!

  22. Catholic OffenderMay 11, 2012 at 3:28 AM

    Is that the best you can come up with?? I asked you to respond with VIABLE SOURCES, NOT RIDICULOUS ACCUSATIONS!!! Where in history or in any type of news or documentation does it state that Felix Manalo was a rapist? Sounds to me like these accusations are out of anger because you are unable to prove anything that I said.

    Your so-called popes and priests that you call “father”, who are claimed to be holy and sinless make news headlines for molesting young children. Then you go and beg them for forgiveness. Wow sounds like a keeper….NOT!!!
    If we continue to go on like this, all you’re going to do is throw “Manalo, Manalo” in my face when it is proven that we do not worship him. Don’t read the Bible if you can’t understand it. HEAR the truth. Think about it, I have witnessed a catholic service and the popes and priests speak words that come from nowhere, they have nothing to go off of. No lessons, no Bible readings, NOTHING!! If they can do that, anyone can do that and call themselves a priest or a pope.

    So here, let me save you the trouble……”MANALO, MANALO, MANALO……blah, blah, blah”. Your accusations of Manalo are as good as your teachings and preachings, they have no basis to go off of… I’m not upset, I just feel bad for you

    1. If you REALLY WANT TRUTH we have CATHOLIC OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS and DOCTRINES available in the internet (provided also in this blog).

      On the CONTRARY we cannot find any OFFICIAL INC of MANALO teachings in the internet so why are you searching narrowly in this blog the truth you are searching when there has been LOTS and LOTS of good stuffs out there which are OFFICIALLY endorsed by the CHURCH?

      Dont fool yourself! If you want bread, SWEAT it OUT!

  23. Catholic OffenderMay 11, 2012 at 6:20 PM

    AGAIN, you did not respond to anything and did not answer properly to anything mentioned! "Don't sweat it out.." YOU STOP BEATING AROUND THE BUSH!

    you will not find any official documents from Manalo simply because there are none.. our teachings come from the BIBLE, from hearing the truth IN CHURCH, we are not an internet based Church...


    should I repeat since you're so used to it?




    let me add in there, hail mary hail mary hail mary

    1. All your questions have been answered, partly in this blog and mostly in many many apologetical sites available in the internet.

      Read back! Sweat it out, that is how salvation works!

      I will pray for you through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ!

      Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.

      Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. AMEN.


  24. Catholic OffenderMay 12, 2012 at 7:53 AM

    The INTERNET?? That is definitely a VIABLE SOURCE for SALVATION! good job Catholic Defender, you won!

    I apologize that it has to be like this. All jokes and negativity pushed aside, I really do wish you'd give us a chance...

  25. @Catholic Defender: May Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Our Lord Jesus continue to guide you, that she might grant you wisdom so that you can defend the The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church without fear from the infidels! Even the demons in recorded and authentic Catholic Exorcisms utter and profess that the Catholic Church IS THE ONE TRUE CHURCH that OUR LORD established! The demons even bow to the Mother of God, meaning that all hell is powerless over her as she is the Mother of God

  26. do you have questions regarding the faith of the member of the iglesia ni cristo?? You can go to the worship center to ask question ?/ or you if you are brave you can ask the ministers to have a bebate......

    1. I can "go" to a "worship center" just for a question? Nagpapatawa ka ba?

      Eh paano na ang mga walang means na pumunta sa Pinas para magtanong sa mga bayarang ministro niyo? Eh di sila maliligtas? Ang pagliligtas lang pala ng Dios sa inyo ay kailangang pumunta pa sa "worship center" para lang magtanong sa mga incompetent ninyong mga ministro. Na kahit isa sa kanila ay walang SCHOLARS sa BIBLIA!

      At kailangan pa palang "brave" ang isang magtatanong. Ano ang mga MINISTRO niyo may SUNGAY na kailangan pa ng braveness para makipagdebate agad?!!!


  27. 143

    ill just add. you dont judge the INC by its members mistake for they are also human. theyre even closer to temptations and trials, i suggest you should be a free thinker and not just afraid that you feel threatened. "mapalad ang inuusig"
    biruin mo
    -iisang tao, panahon pa ng digmaan, punong puno ng paguusig, muli itinatag ang INC mula iilang myembro gang sa milyon milyon n myembro ngaun, kung iicpn imposible un kung walang tunay na gabay ng Diyos, wla bang utak mga milyong yun na umanib? mas pinili p nga nila ang my mraming pinagbabawal, mas mahigpit sa aral, mas mraming pinapatupad, kesa sa dating relihiyon nila na ok lng kht once a year ka lang maglingkod o sumamba. kung hnd yun ang tunay na pgtawag sa Iglesia sna umuurong ito o hnd umaangat? sna nasasaksihan nio kung panu manalangin ang bawat kaanib ng Iglesia,kung paano nrramdaman ang biyaya sa mga pagsamba. ang Diyos ay nasa mga pinagpapala. "Iglesia ni Cristo is spreading throughout the world,and many were alarmed,or just because theyve felt threatened. why? because the church has its blessings, others just cant accept it.
    dont just post and write anywhere youre opinions, the world is out there not here on internet.
    if you will win, God is with you, but that winning means the Iglesia ni Cristo will stop spreading and will fall down. well gud luck with that. dont say youre just one, our leader or God's instrument was a one man when he spread God's true words.

    Take care you all.

    1. Tama ka Anonymous na INC ni Manalo. Ang mga kaanib ng INC ni Manalo ay hindi perpekto at nagkakamali rin. Huwag mong kalimutan na GANON DIN ANG MGA KATOLIKO kung pinaparatangan ninyong mga pagano at mga mapasa IMPIYERNO dahil lamang sa pagiging Katoliko ay hindi dalisay.

      Kung ang batayan mo kung totoo ang INC ni Manalo dahil sa tagal na nitong umiiral, ano pa kaya ang Iglesia Katolika na naron na mula pa noong ito'y itatag HANGGANG SA KASALUKUYAN.

      At huwag mong ipagpalagay na kinasisihan ito ng Dios dahil sa pag-iral nito hanggang ngayon. Isipin mo ang ISLAM at iba pang mga relihiyon ay UMIIRAL din tulad ng PAGIRAL ng INC ni MANALO.

      Ang batayan ng katotohan sa Iglesia Katolika ay ang kanyang MAHABANG KASAYSAYAN at ang BIBLIA dahil kung walang IGLESIA (Katolika) walang BIBLIA.

      Magising ka sa katotohanan.

    2. Para sa mga Manalista: yang mga issues nyo ay paulit ulit na lamang. Mga bulag ba kayo? Tama ang sinasabi ni Catholic Defender. Nakalatag ang mga sources ng catholic teachings. Hindi ba kayo nagtataka kung bakit di nila maipublish yun? Kung tunay kayong nagsasaliksik, dapat nakabukas ang inyong mga mata. Mali ang blind obedience na ginagawa nyo. Kaya ako'y natuto ay dahil hindi ako namili ng pakikinggan ko.

      Bakit hindi nyo basahin ung librong Quo Vadis Jesus Christ o Felix Manalo? Baka sakaling magising kayo. Habang binabasa ko ang mga pinag uusapan nyo ay natatawa ako sapagkat yung mga punto nyong mga INC ay napakababaw.Kahit ordinaryong tao na nag aral ng totoo ay kayang irefute yan.

      Kelangan lng tlga patulan din ng paulit ulit para sa kaalaman ng mga mahihina ang utak!

    3. Bro Dino, thanks for the nice comments. Actually I am looking for that book "Quo Vadis Jesus Christ or Felix Manal" by Mr. Ignacio. Where can I find a copy? I tried searching in St. Paul's Bookstores but I find none. Thanks for any info. God bless.

    4. FIRST FIRST FIRST!! I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY I am a member of INC yes that true...and the way this I see it both members are arguing giving proofs about who will be save, what is the true church etc etc...religion is a never ending debate. Im dont have proofs right now. BUT ONE THING IS VISIBLE RELIGIONS cant SAVE US. So why we argue who goes to church twice a week, who fulfill the requirements in doing this and that. HINDI NAMAN ITO ANG IKALILIGTAS NATIN. Yeah, YOU keep doing "God's work" o mga tungkulin ika nga but in the first place you forgot what God really is in your life. GOD doesnt fit only in ONE religion!! He is love. LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF. Neighbor doesnt limit within the boundaries of one religion. It must serve all! BUT NEVERTHELESS I respect what you believe and thanks for your comments Ive learned from them, both side. WELL on my side I am just stating my opinion out of MY BELIEFS not necessarily what my religion says.

    5. What is the English for Iglesia ni Cristo?

      Church of Christ!

      Why this member cannot even use the English translations?

      It's because Iglesia ni Cristo is a REGISTERED TRADEMARK-- when it was registered in the PHilippines it was registered in TAGALOG.

      That's why even when this fake church cross the ocean to the USA, it never uses its English translations CHURCH OF CHRIST but IGLESIA NI CRISTO.... signifying that this church was the church FOUNDED BY FELIX MANALO.

      I am a member of the ORIGINAL UNIVERSAL CHURCH OF CHRIST which CHRIST HIMSELF built.

      I do not belong to churches of Christ founded by men.

  28. This is why INC is a cult. Their doctrines are anti-doctrines of other religions, primarily the Catholic faith...from the Apostasy doctrine to the soul sleep, to the arianism, to the dream revelation(Joseph Smith), to the Last messenger (concept coming from the Muslim). They made it appear to be a distinct religion from the rest wherein fact they made cut and paste of all the doctrines and concepts from other group. Such thing is called a heretics organization. And They have this facile way of postulating concepts and doctrines...There are so many flaws about this INC one of which is arianism they are promoting...I am abacked and cannot fathom why they refute the Trinitarian Christological Doctrine...So here is my take:
    The Old Testament begins by teaching that God is One in three Persons. In Genesis 1:1, the Hebrew name for God is "Elohim" which is used more than two thousand times in the plural form in the Bible. Further the name "Elohim" occurs only in Hebrew and in no other Semitic language. This is a plural noun, but the verb is singular. This is not a normal use of grammar. Normally a plural noun would have a plural verb. But if you wanted to teach that God is one and also a plurality, using the unique grammatical construction of using of a plural noun with a singular verb would be used. Therefore this passage teaches that there is one God who exists in a plurality.
    According to Hebrews 1:8-9, God the Father is speaking in Psalm 45, and He is referring to the Son as God. "But unto the Son he saith, Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever: a sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre of thy kingdom. Thou hast loved righteousness, and hated iniquity; therefore God, even thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows "(Heb. 1:8-9).
    The question is if the Son Himself was God, why did He address the Father as God? The answer is that the Son addressed the Father as God for the same reason that the Father addressed the Son as God, because they are both God!
    There are so many scriptures supporting the trinitarian doctrine both from old and new testament...the list could go on and on...
    The verses presented and many others clearly teach that God is One God. These passages state that Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are also God. Thus the Bible affirms one of the most important doctrines in Scripture that God one God existing in a unity of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The full importance of understanding and accepting this truth is found in the Epistle of 1 John:
    "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world." (1 John 4:1-3).

    It must be noted that the phrase "Jesus Christ is come in the flesh" is a direct reference to His deity and that GOD came to the earth in flesh. All men are "born in the flesh" therefore this verse has no significance unless it is referring to God coming in the flesh. John says those that deny this revealed truth of the Trinity are not of God and the denial of this doctrine comes from the spirit of the antichrist who is directed by Satan.
    The biblical doctrine of the Trinity was not invented by man or any church. Its origin is in the plain and unmistaken statements made in the Bible that is God's word. It is revealed truth and salvation, and seek God must accept who He is and what is His revealed nature.

  29. Sa madaling salita po WAG PO NATIN IKAHON ANG DIYOS! Nandun na po ung ebidensya sa mga scriptures with regards to the trinity....and those who refute it ang ibig sabihin lng nyan mababa ang tingin nio sa Diyos. Ibig sabihin po eh mga omniscient kau meaning your knowledge is infinite and absolute. Simple lng ang ibig kung sabihin...sa inyo na rin nanggaling na mali ang 1+1+1 = 1...Di yan puede..Tanung ko - bakit di puede...Sagot nio - dpat 3 kasi i add nio sya ng tatlong beses...tama ka kapatid sa physical law of the universe...pero ang Diyos mga kapatid hindi sya naka confine sa universe...God is beyond universe...at sya ay infinite at hindi Sya subject...ang Diyos ba puede nya gawin 1+1+1=1..tanung ko pede ba un...oo naman..Diyos sya eh...as I've said God is not bound by the laws of this universe...Ang pede lng natin malaman eh ung pagiging Trinitarian Nature of God thru the given scriptures. You believe it with faith...parang ung concept of gravity alam mo nangyayari sa buong universe pero ung actual process kung papaano nangyayari sya di natin malalaman. Sa totoo lng ok lng di mo tlaga makuha ung concept ng Trinitarian Doctrine kasi kung makuha mo sya parang ka level mo na si God...di ba po? It is what it is...ika nga nila...Maliit lng ang tingin ng mga INC sa Diyos kasi ayaw nila tanggapin ung trinitarian doctrine ng Kristiano( di lng kasi tau may ganyang doctrine kundi Orthodox churches, assyrian church, lutheran, presbyterian, anglican..etc) Hindi nila matanggap ung doktrinang yan kasi ang concept nila kay God ka level lng ng tao...kaya nga eh why then is it so hard for some men to accept the biblical truth of the Trinity? The key to this misunderstanding lays in man’s microfying our infinite Creator. In other words, making Him finite like ourselves. This act demeans and debases our omnipotent and glorious God and brings Him down to the level of man. God is not man and the immensity of His being is so far beyond our finite understand we cannot even begin comprehend who He is truly." Sana ung mgcocoment base lng sa sinabi ko at wag personal attack sa akin...Nagpapaliwanag lng ako at sana intindihin nio muna ung pinost ko. Marami pa nga akong mga flaws na nakita sa INC doctrines..maybe sa ibang post ko nlng sya gagawin...Sa mga ngbasa nito thank you for taking time to read my post wheter you agree with me or not at least you gave your time to my post and that for me is an accomnplishment already lalo na pgmaysum
    @keb: tuloy lng pagreply sa mga INC...keep it that line of questioning...direct and straight to the point...agot.....@Catholic Defender: tuloy mo lng ung maganda mong adhikain...tama lhat ng pinagsasabi mo....sana di ka mapagod sa kakasagot sa mga tanung nila...

    1. Ang galing-galing pala ng Diyos na mga Catholic! (1+1+1 = 1) Kakatawa naman kayo. Kung ganyan ang matematika ng Diyos niyo, itinatakwil ko ang ganyang Diyos niyo na magbilang lang ay di pa marunong..

    2. Tama naman ang computation mo, walang pagtutol diyan.

      Baka nakalimutan mo Alfer na may FOUR FUNDAMENTALS ang Mathematics! May Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication at Division.

      Sa mga elementary minds, ang addition at subtraction ay madaling aralin sa mga SIMPLE ang talino.

      Pero MULTIPLICATION at DIVISION para sa mga advance na ang mathematical ability.

      So kami advance na 1 x 1 x 1 = 1

      Eh ang Ice + Vapor + Water = (one H2O),

      Ice is not the Vapor nor the Vapor is the Water but the same H2O
      Ice is cold and the Vapor is Hot while the Water is neither but the same one H2O
      One is SOLID, the other is GASEOUS and the other is LIQUID yet ONE H2O!

      Jesus is not the Father, nor the Father is the Holy Spirit.
      They are distinct from one another yet ONE GOD!

      Kaya nga Mystery eh, but we can only assent to this GREAT MYSTERY in FAITH!

      And before you forget, NOWHERE in the Bible that says JESUS is NOT GOD!

  30. Salamat po ng marami kapatid na LEX MANDINGO.

    God bless. And please continue pray for me and those who are defending the CHURCH although we do not hve the expertise. We simply LOVE the Church and our LORD JESUS CHRIST, the saints and the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY our MOTHER.

  31. FIRST FIRST FIRST!! I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY I am a member of INC yes that true...and the way this I see it both members are arguing giving proofs about who will be save, what is the true church etc etc...religion is a never ending debate. Im dont have proofs right now. BUT ONE THING IS VISIBLE RELIGIONS cant SAVE US. So why we argue who goes to church twice a week, who fulfill the requirements in doing this and that. HINDI NAMAN ITO ANG IKALILIGTAS NATIN. Yeah, YOU keep doing "God's work" o mga tungkulin ika nga but in the first place you forgot what God really is in your life. GOD doesnt fit only in ONE religion!! He is love. LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF. Neighbor doesnt limit within the boundaries of one religion. It must serve all! BUT NEVERTHELESS I respect what you believe and thanks for your comments Ive learned from them, both side. WELL on my side I am just stating my opinion out of MY BELIEFS not necessarily what my religion says.

  32. First of all if you don't like your old religion so be it. Never say nothing against that religion.
    As far as I know your late brother in-law Julian Rabanal Jr never wish to be converted to INC, but he had no choice because they were like robot inside your house. They have to follow the rules.And also because he was an obedient son,he has to follow his mom whatever she says at those time. Yes he was converted to INC not telling his wife because he knew it is another story, so he decided to leave, went to a different place and enjoy the belief that knew where he was happy and have peace.He embraced again the old religion that he used to go contrary to the words your telling to your story.Religion doesn't save us it is our FAITH.

    1. Religion does not save us of course but we learn the RIGHT FAITH through the RIGHT RELIGION... Faith is NEVER PERSONAL.. it's always COMMUNAL... and salvation is not about what you think about yourself but what that FAITH that's handed to you by your religion...

      It's like saying you're an American but hated its constitution and its government...



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