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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where art thou my brothers?

After Afghanistan, the battle ground between the civilized world and the notorious Taliban Islamic extremists shifted to Swat in Pakistan. Heavily mortared the remaining Taliban fighters are vowing to fight till the end. (Read News from Dawn News)

Pakistan is a Islamic Democratic State while Taliban doesn't recognize any democratic government apart from a government ruled by Shariah. But the Shariah styled government of the Taliban in former Afghanistan was contrary to the Sharia styled paternal monarchical government of Saudi Arabia where women were strictly reduced to commodities and "sex-slaves" by their male partners completely covered in burqa where only small dots were provided for seeing the outside world.

Today, there are many displaced Pakistani Muslims from Swat Valley in need of food, medicine and something to wear. Children, aged human beings and women squabble in queue for hours only to find no food at the end of the line. Desperate, the Western world which Muslims are not very much comfortable with was among the first that came to extend a helping hand and I am wondering where are those good Muslims who were noisy about the "innocent" victims during Gaza siege. These are the same human beings like Gazans and majority are Muslims.

Where are the rich royal families of Saudis? Where are the Hezbollah of Jordan? Where is Iran? Where is Syria, the rich leaders of the United Arab Emirates? Where are the Qataris? The Bahrainis?

Where are thou brothers when they needed you most?

For now let the British, the UE, and the USA and it's allies help.

Photo Credit: AFP through Dawn News

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