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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Let's join them in our prayers! - Catholic Defender

British Pakistani Christians - Hundreds rally for Asia Bibi in Karachi (Nov 25th) despite threats of death - will you join a peace rally in the safety of London?

With the eyes of the world on President Zardari I am bemused and rather disappointed that he has still not taken the sensible and fair option of pardoning Asia Bibi. The word Justice in Pakistan has a skewered definition and this is well illustrated in the regular miscarriage of legal proceedings.

Asia Bibi the mother of 4 daughters (of whom one is disabled) and one son has been subjected to inhumane torture and abuse all her life. Co-workers in the falsa filed in which she was a produce collector, refused to drink from the same well as her. On one occasion they refused to share the water kindly provided to her abusers, as she had inadvertently made it unholy - by being a Christian.

Asia was beaten possibly raped and saw her children set upon by the same men that had undertaken the diabolical action on her. This strong, passionate and proud woman has served 1 and a half years in prison on trumped up charges, accusing her of a blasphemy. Simply because she confessed the love of her Christ for her and her people.

Asia has become a beacon of hope for oppressed people everywhere and an emblem of strength to the cause of millions of persecuted Christians.

The BPCA wish to support Asia through this terrible trial she is suffering and we plead we people of all faiths to rally to her cause. We ask that you support this woman in her stand against the formidable foe of oppression, that has consumed much of her joy and that of other people of minority faith in Pakistan.

In an attempt to urge the President of Pakistan to stop delaying justice for this woman we have organised a protest march the details are as follows:

10:30: Set up to the fore of Pakistan Embassy, Lowndes Square, Knightsbridge (feel free to join us and to assist)

11:00: 1 hour worship service
12:00: Submission of petition at Pakistan Embassy
12:00 - 12:30: 30 minutes of political speeches
12:30: Protest march starts and head towards 10 Downing Street
14:00: Arrive at 10 Downing Street - 10 minutes of political speeches
14:10: Submission of Petition at 10 Downing Street
14:15: Volunteer Speakers from amongst the visitors.
14:30: Prayer and close.

Asia has stood up for her faith in the face of much derision and immense torture. Nothing has made her yield her spirit, courage or faith. Will you brave the cold weather and reject other commitments to stand and be counted for this woman and millions of other suffering people in Pakistan.


  1. Affan Kelvin

    She live in pakistan , as we all know pakistan is a muslim country so she must respect them , she is not innocent she abused islam prophet ..

  2. Affan Kelvin,

    Tell me when a person is a Muslim and when he is not? And when can we say there is Justice in Islamic states where minority Christians are the targets of your tolerance while you demanded tolerance and freedom in the West?! Where is your reciprocity?

    Don't believe in hearsay.


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