"The Christianity of history is not Protestantism. If ever there were a safe truth it is this, and Protestantism has ever felt it so; to be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant." (-John Henry Newman, An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine).

"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

“But if I should be delayed, you should know how to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth.” 1 Timothy 3:15

"This is the sole Church of Christ, which in the Creed we profess to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic." -CCC 811

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dispeling LIES in defending the Church of Christ (33 A.D.) Part 2

At this time, Mr. readme, an Iglesia ni Cristo member is ONE STEP closer to being a CATHOLIC BASHER more than being an INC Defender.

Unable to answer my post, he resorted to NAME-CALLING:

Extracts from his rantings here from Dispeling LIES in defending the Church of Christ (33 A.D.)

1. First of all, why do you want to know my real name? WHAT IS YOUR INTENTION? And im not hiding, what then is wrong if I use my username “readme” instead of using my name? Is it already “HIDING?”

Let me answer your (and many liar catholic defenders) accusations…

I use my username for personal reasons, im not a fool (like you^_^) if I will reveal my photos and full name, and then what? Edit my pictures, get my name and do stories/lies and whatsoever? Like what they do to the pictures of Bro. Felix Manalo and others here in the INC? (I know that if it is not an ADD member, it’s an aggressive catholic defender!) Im not stupid to reveal my PERSONAL INFO.

2. Especially there are many critics to the INC, who possessed by demons to persecute the TRUE CHURCH OF CHRIST like what they do to our Lord Jesus Christ. If other will compare INC defenders to Catholic defenders, hello? Catholic defenders lets say are “official”, and it depends on the DECISION of the blogger (what religion he maybe) if he/she will use his/her name in defending their religion! “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS”,

I don’t care if you reveal your identity or what, the important thing is, WE COMMUNICATE. That is the reason why we are here in the internet, TO COMMUNICATE, and it is your OBLIGATION to respect the decision of each other.

Don’t be “PAKIALAMERO!”^_^
3. About posting your picture, please don’t blame me, BLAME YOURSELF FOR DOING SO, the picture is in your blog on kawakayan, in the top of your blog, proudly presenting your “HANDSOMENESS” (as I read one of your post claiming/proudly saying to yourself youre “handsome”)


4. if it is came from your PERSONAL accounts like twitter of facebook, that’s the time you COMPLAIN! Don’t complain for you are the ONE who post your picture IN PUBLIC for everyone to see…

5. Hey Mr. Catholicdefender2000, I only wonder why you (and other catholic defenders) blame me for doing what Bro. Conrad does? And blaming him for what I does? Why it is hard for your small brain to accept the FACT that I am not Bro. Conrad? WHAT WILL BE MY BENEFITS if I will say I am not Bro.Conrad?

6. Will I have money? house and lot? Chicks? ++pogi points? Salvation? WHAT????

EXCUSE ME, you are not the one who I presented in their TRUE names and FACES especially they presented theirself in their real names and photos, MAKE A RESEARCH FIRST before saying anything ok? Please see my posts!!!!

7. NOW TELL ME, are you the first in the LIST??

You make me laugh on your statement! A REAL JOKER! Hahaha I like it! Catholicdefender2000 is being so exaggerated so that, as I RECENTLY EXPOSED, he will have +points and so people will have a bad impression to me and US! It is stated above, IS IT CLEAR NOW?

“HITLIST”? haha do blogging nowadays can HURT people PHYSICALLY? Please don’t CREATE LIES, you just show your TRUE COLOR!

8. November 2, 2010Catholicdefender2000 admits he’s a “gay” coward catholic defender of lies


9. Here is what he replied to me from what I posted here entitled “How to create lies?”, this is what he replied: (click on the link to see the full content, I will just quote some of what he posted)


10. if it is came from your PERSONAL accounts like twitter of facebook, that’s the time you COMPLAIN! Don’t complain for you are the ONE who post your picture IN PUBLIC for everyone to see…

11. I do not need to give any reference, you know yourself! And readers of my blog are already AWARE on what you do, especially on CREATING LIES! May I ask, is this not being EXAGGERATED?:


12. You know Catholicdefender2000, I really do not oppose to what you do in blogging, because its NORMAL for us to say to each other that we are in the wrong belief because we are in the different religion, to non-members, its NORMAL to say INC doctrines are wrong, what im complaining to non members and you is the saying of ACCUSATIONS, ALLEGATIONS, MYTHS and CREATING LIES, and MALIGNING THE CHURCH, that’s all!

13. I will not oppose if you make INC post saying that this doctrine of the INC is wrong then you will show biblical verses to show INC is wrong, but if you will put the said things(accusations and etc) in your post, then you are a FORCE OF EVIL that should be exposed by doing such. Yes, Mrs. Rosita is the one should blame for doing it, but I do not know about that thing that’s why I will have no comment to that. What I know is that Trillanes made a retraction, or a letter saying that what she did is wrong and she is saying sorry

Bravo Catholicdefender2000, great acting!^_^ It seems you are the one who is the “VICTIM” on having UNRELIABLE SOURCES

15. Really? Even though I said it SEVERAL TIMES THAT IM NOT A MINISTER? I am not surprised if you (and other catholic defenders) don’t believe me for SATAN will not BELIEVE in TRUTH! Again and again, if you LOVE TO QUOTE the Pasugo, please turn paugo issue pages at the back then the PLACES OF WORSHIP SERVICES ABROAD WERE PUBLISHED! Are you surprised to know that?^_^


16. The question is, DO the ministers knows me? That’s one of the reason why I don’t reveal my identity^_^ I know readers already read one of my post here the reason why im blogging about the church and that doesn’t RESULT TO EXPULSION, so exaggerated! WE ARE ONLY ADVISED, not a teaching! Hello? I have a big reason to do THESE (blogging and etc), one of the thousands reason is YOU.

17. Is your OPINIONS were HISTORICAL FACTS??? I agree, you should quote the Pasugo and explain what it is really should be INTERPRETED! Like the bible… It is the Catholic priests/theologians/members who contradict each other especially on the teachings of the church. Please don’t say “establish truth” especially you quote Pasugo and misinterpret to favor your side, ok?^_^

18. Again, blaming me for what others did to you? OH COME ON! Why would I follow you in twitter? I have even no twitter account because I don’t know how to use it, and in FACEBOOK? Hello? I only have 2 accounts in facebook, 1 is my personal account and the other account for “readme”. Why would I again post my real name? Only fools who do that especially to those who have many critics(because of religion) and active in blogging… Like you, A FOOL who post his pic. In his other blog and put his Full name proudly, then BLAMING ME for posting such TRUE information about him??? Tsk

19. Why would I ADDRESSED nonmembers to MINISTERS if I myself is a MINISTER? (“katangahan or not a katangahan?” YOU JUDGE!^_^) IT WOULD BE EXTREMELY DAMAGING IF I KNEW MORE THAN YOU especially I do not study about the bible, I am not trained for doing such, Im a beginner on everything (blogging, reading the bible and etc.) and I AM YOUNGER THAN YOU!^_^ Please USE your head if there’s a brain in there, if non, nevermind…

20. Please click the links here in my blog and read my posts regarding it, IT IS PROPHESIED but only you cannot accept the TRUTH. Between Bro. Felix Manalo, Christ and you, YOU ARE THE DECIEVER AND LIAR! For Bro. Felix just preach the teachings of God, like other apostles did, but they never be the FOUNDER of the Church of Christ and it can be seen in the teachings what really is the TRUE CHURCH OF CHRIST!

21. Still, they are (parishes) registered as a CORPORATION SOLE which you always maliciously say to the Iglesia ni Cristo. Oh yes, really really, the Iglesia ni Cristo is REGISTERED, again REGISTERED (only) as a CORPORATION SOLE FOR LEGAL REASONS! For CORPORATION SOLE IS A CHURCH-RELATED (Wikipedia) that’s why if you talk about Corporation Sole, if you really not a BIAS, JOINED YOUR BELOVED CATHOLIC CHURCH IN THERE. INC is registered as a corporation sole (for legal reasons) it is not in ANY WAY MEANS it is a CORPORATION or BUSINESS as many accused, because it’s a CHURCH, Church of Christ, its not “Iglesia ni Cristo enterprises/corporation/company”.

When INC have a local congregation in countries, it is being registered to its government. So INC will be an OFFICIAL and EXISTED CHURCH in countries, and so it will be recognized by people like in the 95th celebration, senators/mayors and etc. even the President of the USA, Pres. Obama congratulate the INC on its anniversary celebration!


22. Not became? Ok, Christ church existed on the 1st century and only in 1870 (Discourses on the Apsotle’s Creed, Rev. Clement Crock, p. 191) 1t became Holy Apostolic Roman Church?? What the? Why only after the 1st CENTURY? Do you want proofs it is called church of Christ? Hmmm?


23. What I am asking for a link, is where the figures whom you posted as FACTS! GIVE ME THAT LINK AND DON’T CHANGED THE TOPIC TO OTHER things! Grade 1 thinker!

Then he posted his quoted Pasugo issues, I can answer those if I had researched the answer, I frankly do not know about that so I will not have comment about the John 10:16.

And the last part of his post that will proved he admits that he is a “GAY” coward catholic defender of lies, this is stated:

I said teachings/practices and etc WITH THE DATE IT BEGAN AND THE AUTHORS/CREATORS of it! There is no even just ONE TEACHING/PRACTICE/TRADITION/DOGMA of the Catholic Church on what he posted, as what other Catholic Defenders did just to answer this question-challenge, he just ADDRESSED me to the links! What the? Is that DIRECTLY? ^_^
24. Im not surprised! Because if he will answer me directly, OH COME ON! It only shows that there is no roots of the teachings/practices and etc of the Catholic Church in the beliefs of the 1st century CHRISTIANS!

So, now, Mr. CatholicDefender2000 admits, and we can now believe that he is really a ”GAY” COWARD CATHOLIC DEFENDER OF LIES!

Response 1: Thanks for trying your best to be ‘honest’ but your honesty is not what's expected of someone who trumpetted he ‘BELONGS’ to a ‘TRUE CHURCH’ and YET nothing TRUTHFULNESS comes out of his mouth?

If you REALLY are convinced that you belong to a “true Church’ then why are you LYING?

Be TRUTHFUL! Practice Christian Charity and be PRUDENT in your language. That way people may believe you.

But of course you don’t! That’s the reason why you are always CAUGHT off-handed saying things but doing exactly the opposite.  Because of your habitial LYING people believe that that's what is expected of you anyway.

So you’re NOT “HIDING” and yet you DON’T WANT to reveal your name...(??)

Your statements are very much baffling. They’re really very confusing to your readers I guess. That’s another way of saying “Look ma, I’m not breathing” and yet you’re screaming!

You said:
"...if I will reveal my photos and full name, and then what? Edit my pictures, get my name and do stories/lies and whatsoever?"

That's EXACTLY what you did to me, right?! You're afraid that what you've done to me will boomerang to you. Hindus have that word, it's called "Karma".

Evenso, Christ said "Do not do unto others what you don't want others do unto you." (Mt. 7:12). The same golden rule was said by Confucius himself. Your Iglesia must have learned that too.
THANKS for your honesty anyway!

ANNOUNCING before the world of what DID to me IS in itself the FINEST demonstration of your STUPIDITY and ADMITTING it publicly (that’s from your own words) si very humbling experience, don't you think so? Thanks indeed! I feel more relieved!

Response 2: Huwag ka sanang magagalit sa sasabihin ko : Masyado kang ILUSYUNADO!

The entire Catholic Church doesn't care about your cult. and she's not threatened by your doctrines.  Actually it's only the Philippines that Catholics are threatened by your cult. 

In the jungles of Africa where your members cannot be found, Catholics do not care about your cult.  So please stop thinking that the world is very much critical about your Iglesia.

If there are CRITICS of your Iglesia, it’s just only the Ang Dating Daan of Mr. Eliseo Soriano which you personally attacked in your TV programs; and few Protestant members (click here, here, and here) and some few Catholic Defenders like Catholic Answers who can handle such a recycled Arianism.

If you want to know which Church is being persecuted worldwide, it's NOT your Iglesia but the Catholic Church.  That's why I can’t agree more than what you said the true Church is persecuted: “...persecute the TRUE CHURCH OF CHRIST like what they do to our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Remeber the Lord Jesus was persecuted for "MAKING himself EQUAL with God" so he deserved "death penalty" from BLASPHEMY according laws of the Jews!

Thanks to your PASUGO, there is only ONE Church that is GENUINELY Christ's: it's the CATHOLIC CHURCH (PASUGO April 1966, p. 46)!

“Mind your own business”?

Of course we do. 

In our Official Catechism, we NEVER mentioned your Iglesia.  We never depended on your argument to make ours right. We never ride on Felix Manalo's rantings just to make us better.  We talked about Jesus Christ, the Saints and Angels, the Church, Catholics in Society, how they should live and how they should imitate Christ.

That's our business!
And YOU, you minded others' business. You demonize the Catholics Church so as to say you're right. YOU declared the Catholic Church to be APOSTATIZED one so that your will appear to be genuine. 

You accused the Pope as the anti-Christ while your own Felix Manalo as an Angel.

So who's minding OTHERS' BUSINESS? Your mouth is closer to your nose, sniff, you'll find it.
You said:
"If other will compare INC defenders to Catholic defenders, hello?"

So you want to COMPARE INC Defenders from Catholic Defenders? As you wish! 

Here, you made a bogus blog to humiliate Fr. Abe, CRS who is also critical to the Iglesia ni Cristo

Another INC bogus blog to humiliate Fr. Abe, CRS owner of The Splendor of the Church
Below is another ONE of the many NASTY responses Bro. Cenon Bibe got from your members. Someone posted a comment with a bogus username "BADING SI REV CENON"

From Tumbukin Natin by Bro. Cenon Bibe
Again, below is another BELOW-THE-BELT response from your hiding members.

You can find that comment HERE
BONUS! You Mr. readme actually copied Mr. Conrad J. Obligacion's "sexual insecurities" "homophobic rhetorics!

README  "GAY" rantings

CONRAD J. OBLIGACION's "GAY" rantings from bogus blog

Now Mr. readme, again please convince your readers that you are not Conrad.

Response 4: I hope I didn't commit mistake when I said "handsome" in reference to my photo.  Well, at least my photo can tell you how I look like but please don't "edit, and do stories/lies whatsoever." 

Response 5: Should I suppose to treat your own words are FACTS in itself?  ^_^
Response 6: Chicks?

You mean “little chicken” ?

Or you mean the female HUMAN BEINGS?

Well for us Catholics, we look at women as HUMAN BEINGS and we dont' treat them as "chicks".  They are not men's commodities nor possessions, they are man's partners for building the Kingdom of God.  Because if we look at women like the way how you describe them, then we sinned in our hearts the sin of adultery. (Matthew 5:28 “But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” )

Pogi Points? They are just looks.  God doesn't judge us by our physical appearances. He judges us according to what our hears is.  

Let me say this. Ang tunay na “pogi” ay hindi nagtatago! Nag-PAPARI!

Salvation? God alone knows! Not even can your Iglesia ni Cristo can know certainly who is saved and who is not.

 Do you?

Response 12. Mr. readme, having opposing opinion should be healthy. This is how we can be certain of what we believed. You can always say what you want to say but there are things which are ‘No-No’.

When your own Ministers squamble with their HISTORICAL SOURCES about the origin of the Church (just as what you also believed):

•Minister Emiliano Magtuto--PASUGO Nov. 1956, p. 18: -- 44 B.C.
•Minister Benjamin Santiago -- PASUGO Feb. 1959, p. 1: -- 400 A.D.
•Minister Benjamin Santiago -- PASUGO Aug. 1962, p. 3: -- 1870 A.D.
•Minister Teofilo C. Ramos -- PASUGO Mar. 1956, p. 25: -- 1870 A.D.
•Minister Joaquin Balmores -- PASUGO Feb. 1952, p. 9: -- 400 A.D.

How much more if they would argue WHEN the Church of Christ APOSTATIZED? It's easier to accuse but to prove, it could be damaging to your Iglesia just as what happened above.
Look! When your own founder Felix Manalo accused the Catholic Church of being “apostatized”, we came with for and answer

When your own founder claimed to be “the Last Messenger” we said, there’s no need for Christ is the Last Messengers. Among those who compete with your claims are Islam’s prophet Muhammad and Joseph Smith of the Mormons.

When you said that your Iglesia is the ‘true Church’ we said, it’s not true because history says the Catholic Church is still the only Christian Church that traces its roots from the times of the Apostles.

When you attacked the Pope, the Saints, the Mass and our Catholic doctrines, we defended it without attacking private individuals's personalities.

Likewise, if YOU don't AGREE with our opinion, educate us and provide us with your OFFICIAL teachings WITHOUT attacking, intimidating, threatening or humiliating us. You can do it in a manner that is "gentleman" and "professional".

If you really want to project a good image of your Iglesia, treat anyone with kindness and explain your faith in humility and prudence. "Give the other cheek as well." Or still better "love your enemies."

All we did here is to DEFEND the CHURCH from your ATTACKS!

Response 23: It's quite puzzling where were those HOMOPHOBIC tendencies came from?  You must be hiding something and it's now surfacing out? Won't  you think?
Response 24: Ok, according to your OWN understanding which I should be TREATING as FACTS, those who are  HIDING, LYING, CHEATING, DECEIVING, are 'GAYS' and 'COWARDS'?

What a relief!

Why I am relieved? Please consider these:

Iglesia ni Cristo: No official teachings availble in public!
Catholic Church: We have it for evryone! The Catechism of the Catholic Church

Iglesia ni Cristo: Official Magazine (printed) only for members, not available for public reading!
Catholic Church: Everything is available in major bookstores, printed in major languages around the world

Iglesia ni Cristo: Your ministers HIDE your exact number from the public.
Catholic Church: It's there in Wikipedia and here and even printed in the Philippine Daily Inquirer online.

Iglesia ni Cristo: It's "Defenders" are only known as "truscaster", "resbak","readme","plaridel"
Catholic Church: Cenon Bibe, Fr. Abe, Quirino M. Sugo, Atty. Marwil Llasos, Steve Ray, Karl Keating, etc.

Iglesia ni Cristo: Their blogs have nothing to conceal their identities. They comment as Anonymous.
Catholic Church: Their names and photos are provided. Their identities are clearly revealed.

Cowards, liars, deceivers etc are "gays"?

I will respect your own definition of facts. SO BE IT!

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