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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sister (Dr.) Ruth Pfau, Pakistan's "Mother Teresa"

Let those BELONGING to CULTS who say they are "Christians" BUT branded Catholics as of the "devil" be ASHAMED of themselves for doing nothing to uplift the suffering humanity in Pakistan and the rest of the world.

Here is Sister Ruth Pfau, a saintly nun working in Pakistan for years.  From Wikipedia - Ruth Pfau is recognised in Pakistan and abroad as a distinguished human being and has been awarded many prizes and medals. Sister Ruth Pfau was among recipients of civilian awards at President's House on Pakistan Day March 23, 1989. Sister Pfau received the Hilal-i-Pakistan award for her work with leprosy patients. Speaking at a function in Islamabad on January 30, 2000, to mark the 47th World Leprosy Day, President Rafiq Tarar praised Sister Ruth Pfau, who built up the National Leprosy Control Program in Pakistan, for working not only for those afflicted with leprosy, but also for those with TB. On the occasion of Pakistan Independence Day on 14 August 2010, the President of Pakistan awarded the very high civil award of Nishan-i-Quaid-i-Azam to Dr. Pfau for public service. In 2010 after her work helping people “nobody else is willing or able, or ever thought of helping,” people displaced by Pakistan's recent deadly flooding, she is being hailed as Pakistan's 'Mother Teresa'.

Read also this article: A German Mother Teresa among the flood victims of Pakistan

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