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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Steady Growth of the Catholic Church by Anura Guruge

Mr. readme (INC member) delighted with his own illusions.

Anti-Catholics and bigots belonging to cults are circulating lies that the "Catholic Church begins in its near end" (daw).

Their illusions came from series of sexual scandals rocking the Church which involved some Catholic priests. Although these scandals were no doubt had tremendous effect to many Catholics which caused some to leave however, there is no clear indication that the Catholic Church will be "coming to its end". The Catholic Church is the CHURCH of CHRIST, the lies of Hell can NEVER prevail against it (Mt. 16:18-19). That a promise by the FOUNDER Jesus Christ himself!

To the delight of some members of the cult which originated in the Philippines which DO NOT have even their  own statistics of ADHERENTS, he re-posted an article by a certain blogger who introduced himself as  Anthony J who in my opinion is an anti-Christian, anti-Catholic blogger.  This blogger posted what he believes "The Catholic Church on the brink of collapse".  Here is a big help to them to realize the truth that the Catholic Church is in NO WAY "coming to an end." Thanks to Anura Guruge for these statistics and graphs.

To those who believe in illusions... it's free to dream on!

In 2009, when I had started working on ‘The Next Pope‘ book, I wanted to see how cardinal elector representation in terms of nationalities stacked up against the sizes of Catholic populations in the various countries — though I knew that representative representation was never a goal of the Vatican, and probably will never be. But, I was still curious. I think I did my first post on this in July 2009 — and updated it a few times since then, because I was going to use the numbers in my book. I fully appreciate that popes are not bound by any criteria as to the composition of the College of Cardinals. But, that also does not stop me from wanting to see how the cardinal elector demographics stack up against the ‘constituency.’ So, I play with the numbers.

I pulled up the Catholic Church by country numbers from Wikipedia last night. The Wikipedia numbers are probably NOT the most up to-date. But, at least they try to tell you when they were obtained and how. Yes, I know that Catholic Hierarchy has a set of numbers too. But, I checked their numbers for Brazil. They appear to be from 2005 — same vintage as Wikipedia. None of these numbers are going to accurate. That is a fact of life. Plus, it will, indubitably, be apples and oranges — numbers from some countries more recent than others. But, we are not trying to send a man to the moon using these numbers. So, the inaccuracies are just something we have to live with.

In my next post I will correlate this to cardinals and cardinal electors. Thank you.

I happened to see this data when I was looking for my per country data, and it seemed churlish not to chart it. Much of this growth has been in Africa, with Asia and Latin America helping out. There is lot to be said for banning contraception. At least it will ensure growth in numbers in the developing countries.

See LIARS and DECEIVERS, the Catholic Church is still growing! "And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build MY CHURCH, and the gates of the netherworl SHALL NOT prevail against it." - Mt. 16:18!!!


  1. Indeed brother Patrick... God promised he will not leave his Church desolate for the powers of hell WILL NEVER prevail against his own Church.

    God bless you brother Patrick & your family as well.


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