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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Pope Condemned Attack on Catholics by Muslim Extremists in Baghdad

File Photo: Catholics solemnly praying inside Baghdad Church before it was attacked
(Photo Source: zindamagazine)
The defeaning silence Muslim States and the Islamic communities around the world such as the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), the CAIR, and other known Muslim organizations and institutions; Muslim individuals who says "Islam is a Religion of Peace" is quite disturbing!

If they DO NOT have the GUTS to condemn such people "hijacking their faith" why they can't go out in PROTEST and show their force that they are really anti-terrorism!

We Catholics are waiting for your sincerity. Stand with us if you truly are with us in this battle against "Islamic terrorism" who are "hijacking your faith." "Islam" is again in the wrong limelight by these lawless and godless people misrepresenting them!


Vatican City - (Reuters) - Pope Benedict condemned an attack in which 52 people were killed in a Catholic church in Baghdad, saying the violence was all the more ferocious because innocent people were killed in a house of God.

Speaking to pilgrims gathered to hear his prayer in St Peter's Square for the Catholic All Saints' Day holiday, the pope also made a heartfelt appeal for peace in the Middle East.

"I pray for the victims of this senseless violence, made even more ferocious because it struck defenseless people who were gathered in the house of God, which is a house of love and reconciliation," he said.

Fifty-two hostages and police officers were killed when security forces raided a Baghdad church to free more than 100 Iraqi Catholics captured by al Qaeda-linked gunmen.

The gunmen took hostages gathered for Sunday mass at the Our Lady of Salvation Church, one of Baghdad's largest, and demanded the release of al Qaeda prisoners in Iraq and Egypt.

The pope urged the international community to work for comprehensive peace in the Middle East.

"May everyone join forces to put an end to violence," he said from his window overlooking the square.

Iraq's Christian minority has frequently been targeted by militants, with churches bombed and priests assassinated.

Read this FIRST HAND testimony of one of the survivors from Washington Post which I've got from persecutionblog.com: Lord, have mercy on the souls of these terrorist. They do not know what they have done.

"Heads turned, the sermon stopped abruptly and the Rev. Wassem Sabeeh quietly began ushering parishioners into a fortified room in the rear of the church.

"We realized these explosions were close," said Bassam Sami, 21, one of the survivors of the attack on a Baghdad church carried out by heavily armed suicide bombers that left at least 58 people dead. "Father Wassem started pushing people inside the room."

Once they penetrated the church building, the silent assailants began executing people. "They were well trained," Sami said. "They didn't say anything. It was like someone had cut out their tongues."

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