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Friday, August 20, 2010

Al Qaeda: Are they real Muslim? Why they want to kill Arab Leaders?

I am really confused here. If Al-Qaeda are not considered true representative of Islam then where are the real Muslims? Why they are not united to fight "terrorism" and Osama bin Laden?  Now, Al-Qaeda is targeting Arab leaders.  Watch your back.

Thanks to JihadWatch.org

Yemen: Al-Qaeda no.2 urges '9/11' style Jihad against Israel

Rome, 19 August (AKI) - A top Al-Qaeda commander in Yemen has urged Arab military pilots to fly their planes into Israeli targets replicating the deadly 11 September 2001 attacks on American cities, the Daily Beast website reported.

The Yemen branch of Al-Qaeda's second-in-command, Saeed al-Shehri, purportedly issued the call in an audio message, the Daily Beast said.

In the message, Al-Shehri ordered jihadists to exploit a future war between the Jewish State and Iran.

An all-out regional war is expected to break out after Israel launches a strike again Tehran's nuclear facilities, al-Sheri said.

Iran's Shia government will blame Saudi Arabia for helping Israel attack its nuclear installations and will use this as an excuse to seize the holy Saudi cities of Mecca and Medina, he predicted.

Israel will seize fresh territory in the Middle East to establish “the greater state of Israel," he claims.

The "Shura Council of the Mujahadeen in the Arabian Peninsula” has held a meeting to prepare for such a war, al-Shehri said.

He urged followers to assassinate Arab leaders, citing the example of the "tyrant Anwar Sadat," the Egyptian president murdered by Islamic radicals.

Shehri was held in the US prison camp at Guantanamo for six years after being caught in Pakistan in December 2001. After being sent back to his native Saudi Arabia, he fled to Yemen and helped set up Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

He has been a strategist for AQAP and terrorism experts say he was behind the plot to assassinate Saudi Arabia’s deputy interior minister, Muhammad bin Nayef last year which only narrowly failed.

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