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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Spying Deceiver

Says one of INC members: "Mukhang na-spy mo na naman ha? LOL (It seems you'd spied on him again? LOL).  The word "NAMAN" (again)  implies knowing very well about the habitual SPYING activities of Mr. Conrad J. Obligacion to his delight.

Then the 'Deceiver LIECASTER' Conrad J. Obligacion innocently replied: "hindi brod. sa twitter nya. may blog sya tungkol sa akin hindi pa nakamove on. (no brod. in his twitter. he has blog about me he haven't moved on)-- referring to me.

Mr. CONRAD J. OBLIGACION, an Iglesia ni Cristo member isn't spying. He's just following my blog and my Twitter, waiting for any chance to devour and attack. Typically a cult thing. :)


  1. Why is it that every time that a person comments like conrad you call him conrad? what is that? is that logical? you call me, conrad, readme one person? thats truly fake.

  2. Plaridel, are you implying that there are legions of INC members who are spying on me? I would like to think that there are only few members like Conrad but the worst is Mr. Obligacion-- that way I can save your church reputation.

    If "Admiral Cronic isn't Conrad, then who is he?

    But let me help you Mr. Plaridel, please click on the tag "Conrad Obligacion" and see for yourself why I am linking Admiral Cronic to Conrad. It's just his style. Binayaran ba siya ng INC Central for a Demolition Job?

    O baka ikaw ay si Conrad nagpapanggap na Plaridel naman?


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