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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Batanes Cathedral is in need of your help

Glory to Jesus in the Most Blessed sacrament!

The historical Cathedral of Santo Domingo in Basco Batanes is in need of your financial donation.

Built in 1783 by the Dominican Missionaries, the Church Building is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception who is the Patroness of Batanes. Through Mama Mary’s maternal protection it survived many strong typhoons and earthquakes but the recent earthquakes damaged it seriously that it needs to be repaired.

Santo Domingo Cathedral is one of the oldest churches in Batanes and it is one of the identities Ivatan takes pride— our Catholic roots where we can always connect as Ivatans.

With dedicated, holy secular priests attending to our spiritual needs, my brother in the Lord, a good friend of mine, Fr. Ronaldo B. Manabat is appealing to all good-hearted Catholics to share your blessings.

Please contact Father Zenky (as he’s fondly called by Ivatans) and arrange how you could send your “Love Offerings”. An Official Receipt will be sent to you as a proof of your generosity. This “receipt” is not for commercial purposes but it is purposely for accounting and for transparency.

Fr. Zenky celebrating the Holy Mass with Ivatans

Details of Fr. Zenky are as follows:
Name: Fr. Ronaldo B. Manabat
Location: Santo Domingo Catholic Church Cathedral, Basco, Batanes
Email: fatherzenki @ yahoo dot com
Or you can connect with him in Facebook and in CatholicMountain.com.

God bless you all.

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