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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Will the Real Moderate Muslim Please Rise?

On August 21, 2010, in Blog, by Farid Ghadry

Debate for and against the Ground Zero Mosque is raging. But deep underneath this debate, most Americans are missing the most important of arguments.

What constitutes a moderate Muslim?

Is it the Muslim who accepts money from the Wahhabis or the Salafis but claims co-existence? Or is it the American-Muslim who refuses to live but under Shariah even though Shariah contradicts American Laws? Is it the Muslim who hides his wife under a veil but condemns Hamas or is it the Muslim who refuses to condemn Hamas and Hezbollah but claims to be a bridge builder? Is it the Muslim who claims to be a bridge builder but is insensitive to the families of 9/11 or the one that honor kills his daughters but has an American Flag raised on his lawn?

Most, if not all US officials, will not be able to answer these questions for a very simple reason: The extremists have hijacked moderation and have blurred the lines to confuse policy makers and US Officials. When we have Muslims who agree with Hamas influence the US Government, as has the Obama administration permitted, the results are that Americans are starting to believe he is a Muslim and worse even, Mayor Bloomberg's sense of political correctness is fogging his logic. It is a tactic used by not only Muslim extremists but also by Arab dictators. Assad, for example, started the Reform Party of Syria inside Syria. He and Rifaat al-Assad, his uncle, hijacked the Damascus Declaration, a Syrian opposition group made-up of secular and moderate Syrians.

None of the US Officials have any Islamic experts on their staff (Have to be non-Muslims because extremists will influence these officials) to be able to, reasonably, understand what the aims of the extremists are when they build a Mosque at Ground Zero even though it is offensive to the 9/11 families and many Americans. It is no different than building Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem on top of the Temple Mount to erase all traces of Judaism. The next Mosque will be built on Ground Zero if we let ourselves be so ignorant for so long.

If I say I am a moderate and you, as an official, are uneducated about Islam, as Michael Bloomberg is, you will believe I am a moderate even though I am a Salafi. All Salafis and Wahhabis think they are moderates and they all know what to say in order to project this image. That's a notion that goes undetected by US Officials and it is up to them to dig deeper to start delineating between who is a REAL moderate and who is a puppet in the hands of the extremists and who is an extremist who has refined the art of Taqieh to perfection. Does Bloomberg understand what Taqieh is? I doubt it. Al-Aryan convinced American Officials he was a moderate until he was caught with his hands in the cookie jar raising funds for Hamas.

Do not judge a moderate Muslim by what he says or does. Judge him by how his wives and daughters live. That's key. No matter how good they are at Taqieh, they cannot hide who they really are when it comes to their families. If his daughter (Over 18) can date a young man and be trusted, as a young lady, to come home at 11 pm, then he is a moderate Muslim. If his wife can go out on her own to visit friends, then he is a moderate. If he says that he is a moderate, ask him to introduce your son to his daughter and see if fear or hate jump at you through his eyes. Judge them by how they treat their families privately.

All US Governors, Mayors, and Federal Judges should have non-Muslim experts on their staff they can call at any time to understand how extremist and violent Muslims have hijacked the faith ever since oil has been discovered and Saudi Arabia has ruled Makah and Medina for power, al-Ghazou, and Shariah-enforced States.

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