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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Greenwich has nothing to do with religion

Muslims around the world started their annual fasting in the month of Ramadan (Islamic Calendar based on lunar sightings). Coinciding with the beginning of fastings, Mecca in Saudi Arabia, which is the center of Islam challenged Greenwich claim as “reference” to mean time by unveiling a huge clock overlooking the Grand Mosque with the inscriptions الله "Allah" (Arabic for God).

Greenwich Time Clock
Giant Clock in Mecca (KSA) designed and built by a German company
Greenwich meantime has nothing to do with religion so it should remain as the basis for international time reference. While understandably, Muslims wants dominion in every sphere until the world submits itself to Islam, the huge clock in Mecca displays that intent.

Yes, no one invented time but the clock is.  Behind the giant clock, it was the infidels (non-Muslims) who engineered the counting of time such that in Greenwich, the 24hr time notation has been the international time reference. Greenwich has sided no religion while Mecca is.

Ramadan: Mecca’s giant clock will compete with Greenwich meridian

Mecca (AsiaNews / Agencies) - A giant clock in front of the Grand Mosque in Mecca is about to be inaugurated tomorrow or within the first week of Ramadan in the hope that the "Mecca time” will replace, at least for Muslims, reference to the Greenwich mean time.

The huge clock, visible from all four sides, has dials that measure 48 meters and rests on a tower of 400 meters. The building to which it belongs, the Abraj Al-Bait Project, will be the second tallest skyscraper in the world after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and will be 600 meters high. The clock will be visible at a distance of up to 17 kilometres and was designed and built by a German company based in Dubai Premiere Composite Technologies. Each quadrant contains the word "Allah" and the symbol of the Saudi kingdom.

The complex comprises 3 000 hotel rooms and apartments overlooking the Grand Mosque, five floors of shopping, huge prayer halls and conference facilities.

It has three five-star hotels: The Fairmont, Raffles and Swiss Hotel

According to Mecca residents, because the sacred city is the centre of the world, the time of the city should be the global benchmark for all time. In 2008, during a conference in Doha, professors and Koranic scholars put forward many "scientific" arguments defending the claim that the Mecca meridian is the world’s central time zone.
Muslims demand Halal food in our markets and enjoy freedom of religion in our communities. While we non-Muslims cannot demand the food we want to eat in their countries and deny us the very right of freedom to worship in Islamic states?

By practice, Muslims use to build mosques in places they conquered. Beginning from Mecca to Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon , Spain etc where Christian churches were seized and converted to mosques. In Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock was erected on top of a Jewish prophet's burial.

I wish a replica of the giant building in Mecca will be built near Ground Zero. Once it is built, Muslim will never allow it to be torn down. If US would, then there would be a worldwide outcry around the Muslim world. sparking violence elsewhere

Mark my word!

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