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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Who are the MODERATE in ISLAM?

Response of Farid Ghadry to a comment. He asks:

"...who is a moderate? How do you define moderation in Islam? Is it the Muslim who prays but does not apply Shariah? Is it the Muslim who applies Shariah but is willing to accept the others? Is it the Muslim who is secular but respects his Islam as well all other religions? Is it the Muslim who accepts money from the extremists but remains loyal to his sect or the four schools of Islam? Is it the Muslim who is spiritual and non-political? Or is it the Muslim who is political but speaks of moderation? What about Taqiyeh? How do you reconcile the real from the fake?
I myself find it difficult to categorize who is a moderate Muslim? I can only hope that there are still many Muslims who knows when to become a human being more than being a religious.

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