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Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Cult-Following man says Iglesia ni Cristo is a Cult

Sorry for the taste.

This video is both scary and funny. He's trying to explain how the Iglesia ni Cristo founded by Felix Manalo in the Philppines falls under the category of a CULT.

It's scary because his choice music is "heavy-metal" while it projects Biblical verses.

And funny because the man chokes many times while reading his script.

Here's a short introduction he posted at Cult-Following.co website:
This is a discussion on cults with an emphases on Iglesia ni Cristo which is a cult that originated in the Philippines. I am probably gunna piss a lot of people off, but oh well!!! HA! Everyone should check out www.examineiglesianicristo.com because it shows hilariously obvious contradictions in the INC’s own magazine they publish as well as with the Bible. *Check out my blog whitedragonawa.wordpress.com *Music used: Officer Negative – “Unity in Christ” The Discarded – “Religious Lie” *Check out my blog: whitedragonawa.wordpress.com

Have fun anyway.

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