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Friday, August 20, 2010

Conrad J. Obligacion: a "true blooded" Iglesia ni Cristo member

Thanks to Filipinocults.blogspot.com for exposing a "true blooded" Iglesia in Cristo member Conrad J. Ogligacion, a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo cult founded by Felix Manalo in the Philippiens in July 27, 1914.

[I had the freedom of modifying some paragraphs into a smaller paragraph for our readers to read it with ease. Emphasis in bold, italized and underline are all mine].

Manila, Philippines - If I will be asked to pick a classic example of a true blooded Iglesia Ni Cristo member out there, a genuine INC member, I would have to choose Conrad J. Obligacion / readme / truthcaster / Resbak.

Conrad J. Obligacion embodies the whole teachings of the true Iglesia Ni Cristo established by Felix Manalo.

Filipinos are fully aware how the Iglesia Ni Cristo takes revenge to their rival group Dating Daan.

Look at how INC is persecuting their rival group Dating Daan. Look at how INC members are bad-mouthing Catholic blog sites.

Look at how Resbak / Conrad J. Obligacion easily throw inflammatory words to all non-INC members.

Look at how Resbak / Conrad J. Obligacion attack other religious doctrines.

Look at how Resbak / Conrad J. Obligacion maligns and spread lies to others. Iglesia Ni Cristo's Resbak is an embarrassment to the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult.


Resbak wrote an article about Charice Pempengco's departure from Iglesia Ni Cristo back to the Catholic Church. Resbak implied that with Charice' decision to go back to the Catholic church is that Charice will now be enjoying the advantages of being free to visit a church any time she wants to, no obligation in attending worship services and be able to skip church activities in exchange of her busy schedule as an entertainer, etc, etc, etc.

In short, Conrad J. Obligacion is implying that with the career engagements of Charice, she cannot handle the responsibilities of being an INC member.

Iglesia Ni Cristo's Resbak blogger is either unaware or willingly shielding/hiding the fact that the reason why Charice and her mother left INC is because of her violent drug addict father who happens to be an INC member.

Resbak is doing what he is best, to defend and preserve the name and image of Iglesia Ni Cristo at all cost. At all cost which may include playing ignorance, telling lies, attacking INC enemies, maligning people, using other people's username, etc, etc, etc.

Resbak is willing to take an extra mile in destroying people.


Resbak had done it again in protecting the INC name and image.

This time, Resbak is now maybe going slow in attacking Gloria Arroyo's scandal at their expensive $20,000 meal at the Le Cirque and the $15,000 meal at the Bobby Van’s Steakhouse in DC.

I found out that Iglesia Ni Cristo's Resbak posted an article in ZIMBIO attacking Gloria Arroyo and her delegate for spending too much money while Filipinos are starving in poverty.

Resbak even mentioned how poor Filipinos are eating instant noodles and sardines while Gloria Arroyo and her delegates spent huge money ($35,000 = $20,000 + $15,000) on just 2 separate meal occasions. $35,000 is almost 1.5 Million pesos!!!

Resbak even posted a link of probably an exact copy of his ZIMBIO article to his resbak blog. Lo and Behold, the link can no longer be found in Resbak's INC blogsite. Why?

here's a very detailed account of Gloria Arroyo and Rodante Marcoleta's trip to USA)
Le Circus Freak (massively updated)
By: Manuel L. Quezon III

The possible reason why Resbak removed the article on his INC blogsite about the Gloria Arroyo and delegates expensive meal in USA is because the Alagad partylist's representative INC congressman Rodante Marcoleta was actually one of Gloria Arroyo's delegate at the expensive restaurants in USA.

Initially, the Arroyo government was privy about the list of names that was included in GMA delegation that enjoyed at the Le Cirque and Bobby Van’s Steakhouse restaurants. It’s either the Arroyo group is hiding something or they are not proud of what they have done.

It is quite an embarrassment for the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult that the INC congressman is includedp in the politicians who spent $35,000 in expensive meals while poor Filipinos are eating instant noodles and sardines.

When Resbak wrote the ZIMBIO article and posted it in his INC blogsite, Resbak maybe still unaware that their INC congressman is included in Gloria Arroyo's delegate that enjoyed dining at the Le Cirque and Bobby Van’s Steakhouse restaurants.

It was reported that the INC congressman shunned media interviews for weeks during the Le Cirque scandal that hit the nation.

Imagine that.

Poor Filipinos are eating instant noodles and sardines while Gloria Arroyo and the Iglesia Ni Cristo congressman Rodante Marcoleta are having fine dining at the expensive restaurants in USA. How inconsiderate?!

Alagad partylist representative's INC congressman Rodante Marcoleta is the one who endorsed the impeachment case against Gloria Arroyo back in year 2005, 4 years after, Marcoleta is dining at a super-expensive restaurant with Gloria Arroyo.

In 2005, INC Congressman Rodante Marcoleta wanted Gloria Arroyo to be impeached. in 2009, Rodante Marcoleta dined with Gloria Arroyo in expensive restaurants in the USA. I don't need to elaborate, you know already know what I am trying to say.

Resbak is a well-known INC blogger among Catholic/Christian blogsite owners.

Actually, we can easily know the INC members who comments on blogs and different internet articles.

INC members have dirty mouth. They malign and attack people who are exposing Iglesia Ni Cristo. INC members attack, create blogs, steal usernames, malign people and fabricate lies to all non-INC members.

To them, all of us are destined to hell. It is Iglesia Ni Cristo's fundamental teachings that only INC members (mostly Filipinos) will go and enjoy heaven.

All of us who are non-INC member will suffer in hell for all eternity. Iglesia Ni Cristo member Resbak a.k.a Conrad J. Obligacion is a ruthless and malicious blogger. Resbak a.k.a Conrad J. Obligacion is an embarrassment to Iglesia Ni Cristo cult.

(Resbak is a tagalog street word for revenge - good job in picking an alias, it totally reflects the INC spirit of payback time)

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